CARFAX Vehicle History Reports

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Every CARFAX Vehicle History Report Checks for...

Accident Data

Accident Data

Accident History

Damage Severity (Severe/Minor)

Damage Location/ Point of Impact

Records of Damage Repair

Airbag Deployment

Structural Damage

Service History

Service History

Oil Changes

Tire Rotations

Open Recalls

Brake Rotor Replacement

Transmission Replacement

Safety Inspections

Type of Use

Type of Use

Personal Vehicle

Rental Vehicle

Leased Vehicle

Commercial Vehicle

Used as a Taxi

Used as a Police Vehicle

Ownership History

Ownership History

1, 2 or 3+ Previous Owners

States/Provinces Owned In

Length of Ownership

Last Reported Mileage

Odometer Rollback

Flood or Lemon Title

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"Carfax actually helped me to not buy the wrong car when the report showed that a car had been in an accident which deployed the airbag."

Steve M.

"Thank you Carfax, I really believe you saved me $6,500. Your service was worth every penny. I will recommend your service to all of my friends."

Robert T.

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