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Millions of used car buyers and sellers recognize and trust CARFAX® Vehicle History Reports™. Partner with CARFAX and join thousands of car dealers, financial institutions, insurance companies, law enforcement groups, government agencies, and more that use vehicle history information from CARFAX daily.

CARFAX Dealer Subscriber Program

For auto dealers only, the CARFAX dealer subscription program will help you stock the right cars at the right price and build consumer confidence online and at the deal table. Visit to join the more than 30,000 dealers that already participate in the CARFAX dealer subscriber program.

CARFAX Banking & Insurance Group

Thousands of credit unions, banks, insurance companies and other auto-related businesses use CARFAX Vehicle History Reports to identify problem vehicles and perform vehicle research. Learn how the CARFAX Banking & Insurance Group can help you with the underwriting, skip tracing, remarketing, and other vehicle history needs.

CARFAX Business Development

CARFAX partners with vehicle inventory, dealer software and consumer information web sites including,, Kelley Blue Book,, DataOne, Evox, DealerTrack, vAuto, Dealer Specialties and many more. If you want to post dealer purchased CARFAX Reports on your Web site, integrate CARFAX services into your software platform, or if you have a major automotive site and are interested in partnering with us, contact the CARFAX Business Development team.

Advertising with CARFAX

CARFAX partners with auto dealers and aftermarket service providers to include VIN-specific service and repair information directly on CARFAX Vehicle History Reports. Join this free program and put your company name in front of in-market used car shoppers.

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