Was an accident reported?

You don't want a car with structural damage. CARFAX can alert you to reported accidents and damage severity (very minor, minor, or severe).
Accident Damage

Evidence of repairs?

Repairs can help improve the value of a damaged car. CARFAX can tell you about reported repairs.


Ownership history?

Many people consider one-owner cars a better value. CARFAX can help you identify the number of owners.


Potential Fraud?

Nobody wants to get ripped-off. CARFAX can reduce your risk of buying a vehicle with reported odometer inconsistencies.
Odometer Fraud

Most recent oil change?

It's important to take care of your vehicle. CARFAX can help buyers find vehicles with evidence of regular maintenance.

Recent Oil Change

Low mileage?

Most buyers want a car with low miles. CARFAX can help you confirm reported mileage.
Low Mileage

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