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Broadcast Quality and Web Quality

CARFAX has compiled videos and b-roll packages that are free for use by journalists and reporters. For any questions concerning the videos below or if you’re having difficulty downloading them, please contact us at

*The web versions download faster and also are broadcast quality.

Odometer Fraud B-Roll Package

B-Roll and SOT of Odometer Fraud Victim

Dallas-Fort Worth area family unknowingly buys car with 67,000 mile rollback and loses more than $5,000.

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Flood Damaged Car B-Roll Packages


Footage of flood car being cleaned up and made to look cosmetically like a good used car. Includes split-screen before/after shots at end of this reel.

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Mechanic Inspection

An expert mechanic examines the car flooded during Superstorm Sandy, analyzing the damage and potential problems it could cause.

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Detailed footage of what the car submerged in floodwater looked like nine months after Superstorm Sandy.

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Catalytic Converter Theft B-Roll and Interview

M&M Auto Parts in Virginia, an automotive recycler, helps show how quickly a catalytic converter can be stolen off a car. In the b-roll there is a demo where it took about a minute to remove. You can also hear the sound the engine makes without a catalytic converter. The interview is with Jonathan Morrow, President of M&M Auto Parts.

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