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COOKVILLE, Tn. (October 28, 2010) – TCS, software and technology provider for the tire and automotive industry, has upgraded its Tire Power and Tire Core point of sale systems to include Carfax QuickVIN. Users now can retrieve the year/make/model and vehicle identification number (VIN) of their customers’ cars by entering only the license plate information. The new QuickVIN tool is available to all current customers within the latest versions of the software.

‘What a luxary to quickly get all the specific vehicle data with only a license plate number,’ says Jamie Schwoerer of Don Owen Tire Service Inc. in Illinois. ‘We don’t need expensive scanners or have to take additional time running back and forth to cars to get the data. Tire Power with Carfax QuickVIN reduces the time it takes for us to build a work order and gets our customers out the door quicker. It also reduces the troublesome task of managing parts returns due to incorrect ordering, saving us tons of office time as well. It’s proven to be a truly valuable enhancement.’

Eight out of ten SMS users would prefer to have Carfax QuickVIN available with their current system, according to a recent independent study. Users can eliminate the risk of costly errors and help ensure they order correctly-fitting parts. TCS is one of the first providers to include Carfax QuickVIN with their software and was a valuable in the development of QuickVIN.

‘The Carfax QuickVIN integration is another powerful tool TCS is providing its software users to help them grow and succeed through their technology,’ says Barry Reese, President of TCS. ‘Speed, efficiency, and superior customer service are vital to maintain and grow your tire and auto service center in today’s market and QuickVIN delivers on all of these.’

Tire Power subscribers using Carfax QuickVIN also have their service records turned into free advertising on Carfax Vehicle History Reports. Shop name and contact information appears alongside each service record on the Carfax Report, reaching millions of potential customers that use Carfax.

Attendees of the 2010 SEMA/Global Tire Expo in Las Vegas are encouraged to visit TCS at Booth #42167. Representatives will be demonstrating the latest version of Tire Power with Carfax QuickVIN Nov. 1 – 5.

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