Sandy Cars Still Washing Up One Year Later; Expert Available

News Advisory: 

(Oct. 2, 2013) -- Superstorm Sandy ravaged over 250,000 cars all along the East Coast one year ago. Many of these waterlogged wrecks now show evidence of being back on streets and in driveways nationwide. Some may have had their titles washed and been sold to unsuspecting consumers, such as this example of a Sandy flood car.

Carfax recently found more than 212,000 previously flooded cars on U.S. roads right now – there are some in every state in the country. A used car expert from Carfax is available to discuss Hurricane Sandy's impact on consumers and the auto industry at the one-year anniversary as well as provide tips to help avoid buying a flood car. Interviews are available anytime via Skype, phone, satellite or in-person.

Broll packages of a cleaned-up Sandy car are available for use on our Video Gallery.

For further information: Christopher Basso, Carfax Public Relations, Phone (703) 934-2664