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CONSUMER ALERT: Dangerous Recycled Airbags Putting Lives At Risk

News Advisory:

Recycled airbags used to fix damaged vehicles may put motorists’ lives at risk. An estimated 750,000 airbags are replaced every year after an accident, some with less costly recycled units pulled from scrapped vehicles. While using recycled airbags makes sense for many, the costs may be greater in the end. When not properly checked, deadly recalled airbags can slip through the cracks and unintentionally put into repaired cars. A recycled airbag under recall almost killed a Nevada woman recently when it exploded during a crash.

This latest incident underscores the importance of thoroughly researching a vehicle’s history, especially involving airbags. Here are some tips to help consumers avoid potential airbag problems:

– Find out if your vehicle’s airbags ever needed replacing. Check for reported airbag deployments free at www.carfax.com/airbag.

– Have a mechanic inspect the airbag to help determine the source of the replacement.

– Insist on OEM original replacement parts or demand to see the parts order form.

– Take a thorough test drive, get a full Carfax Report and pre-purchase inspection report for any vehicle that you consider buying.

A used car expert from Carfax is available anytime for in-person, Skype or phone interviews on this important issue. To schedule, please contact Emilie Voss at 703-934-2664.