Consumer Alert: 3.5 Million Recalled Cars Sold Online In 2013

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CENTREVILLE, Va., Feb. 11, 2014 — Carfax today released new data suggesting online shoppers may have unknowingly purchased millions of used cars with unfixed recalls in 2013. The company’s annual research on the issue shows more than 3.5 million cars were listed for sale online with an open safety recall.

Texas, California, Missouri, Florida and Ohio led the nation with the most recalled cars for sale online last year. While every state has unfixed recalled cars for sale, nearly one-third of the total were in just those five states.

‘Open recalls are still a major public safety issue,’ said Larry Gamache, communications director at Carfax. ‘In fact, our research indicates that more than one in ten used cars for sale online has an open recall. It’s another reminder that consumers, especially those shopping online, need to know as much as possible about a used car before they buy. This includes if an open recall or other potentially dangerous issue exists. It helps make our roads safer for everyone.’

Ignoring or not knowing about open recalls can impact a vehicle’s safety, performance and resale value. To help find open recalls, consumers should shop where used cars for sale come with free Carfax Vehicle History Reports. VIN-specific open recall information is reported to Carfax directly from the auto manufacturers and is included on Carfax Reports.

‘The most important thing about open recalls is knowing there is one,’ continued Gamache. ‘We found that in 42 states, consumers shopping online for used cars in March and April stand the greatest chance of buying one with an open recall. Whenever and wherever you shop, make sure to look for open recalls and have them fixed. Almost every recall will be fixed for free at your local franchise dealer.’

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