Mercury Grand Marquis

Mercury Grand Marquis

The Mercury Grand Marquis is a full-size luxury sedan that stands out within its class for its size and fresh style. This is the kind of car that will delight successful working professionals, older adults, and big families. You can typically find Mercury Grand Marquis models at

Model Overview

The Mercury Grand Marquis is a four-door sedan from the Ford Motor Company that is especially popular because of its spacious interior. In fact, it comfortably seats six, whether the passengers are children or adults. This capacious car is often appealing to older adults who want to give themselves a nice car as a reward for years of hard work or perhaps to celebrate a promotion. It can enable them to easily enjoy road trips together with friends and family members. This vehicle would be ideal for working professionals, especially those who need to frequently travel for their positions. It is designed to impress, so it's a nice vehicle to drive when meeting clients or lending to colleagues.

The fact that the Mercury Grand Marquis would be a great choice for families is clear with its features that are designed especially with kids in mind. It includes child safety locks as standard on the rear door. The car boasts a four-wheel, anti-lock brake system to help the driver stay in control in situations where sudden braking is necessary. Traction control helps the vehicle remain stable.

When you start your search for the Mercury Grand Marquis, you want to look at the more recent models. The more current Mercury Grand Marquis models provide the most features and technological advances.

Mercury Grand Marquis Safety Features

The Mercury Grand Marquis takes safety seriously. Windshield wipers and fog lamps help you see clearly in unexpected weather conditions. The emergency trunk release is handy to have in case of an accident. A tire pressure monitor that comes standard can give you peace of mind. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the car a "G" for good, its highest rating, for the moderate overlap flap. 

Noteworthy About the Mercury Grand Marquis

  • The NY Times remarked on how roomy and responsive the Mercury Grand Marquis is. The most new Mercury Grand Marquis is highly regarded for its quick, powerful response although the vehicle has a heavy weight. With simple, straight forward controls and the immense spaciousness feel to its interior, it's easy to see why it has mainstream appeal to people from many walks of life who have very different needs and wants in a vehicle.
  • AMSN gave the 2009 Mercury Grand Marquis a rating of five out of five for its reliability.