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The 2014 Chevrolet Express is a cargo van that is ideal for fleets, small businesses and independent contractors who need to store equipment for day-to-day use. It has a huge cargo area of 313.9 cu. ft. The Express can easily double as a travel vehicle for families with enough room for the kids to stretch out in the back.


Designed mainly for fleet and cargo delivery usage, the 2014 Chevrolet Express has a lot to offer individuals and families as well. Since it’s introduction to the market in 1996, it has undergone several body style changes and technological upgrades. These cargo vans are seen as an easy option for catering companies, expedited freight movers, electricians and other skilled tradesmen to transport all of their goods or equipment safely from job to job. The Express has maintained a product of Chevrolet in part for its versatility and value to small businesses and contractors.

Van buyers will find three available sizes for the 2014 Chevrolet Express, the 1500, 2500 and 3500. In addition there are five available body styles. The body styles include 1500 regular, 2500 regular, 2500 extended wheelbase, 3500 regular and 3500 extended wheelbase. With each step up in size, the suspension and chassis are built accordingly to support heavier loads without compromising the overall framework of the van. 

The 2014 Chevy Express is fuel efficient for its size and class, averaging 14 mpg city and 17 mpg highway. Diesel engines will get more miles per gallon given the fact that diesel fuel burns slower than traditional gasoline. FlexFuel systems are in place on the 6.0L V8 engines which aids in achieving better fuel efficiency. In addition the Express encompasses Vortec technology and Hydra-Matic transmissions. It also has 4-wheel drive and anti-lock braking systems, and power windows and door locks are standard on all models too. 

Several technological upgrades are available with the 2014 Express. This includes optional OnStar technology, general performance updates and an optional Dedicated Compressed Natural Gas system. Also optional on the 2014 Chevrolet Express models are Bluetooth technology and rear view camera systems. Rear parking assist is another optional convenience that is available for this large vehicle. Another major convenience is the ability to use RemoteLink, which is standard on all 2014 Chevy Express models for a 5-year period. This technology allows you to link the vehicle to your cell phone to lock the doors, unlock them or even start the vehicle. 

This powerful and roomy commercial van serves a multitude of purposes. It has many technological advances to make driving and maintaining the vehicle easier. Dozens of options for customization are available with the 2014 Chevy Express, including a variety of interior configuration options for storage, traveling or to secure cargo. This van will trek uphill with ease and control itself well while going downhill. It is built for performance, strength and durability. Base models offer fewer options and are often found to be within the budget of new business owners as well as those who are self-employed.


As with most current model year Chevrolet products, the Express comes equipped with Stabilitrak. All-wheel drive is also available on this vehicle for additional stability on slippery roadways. Head-curtain side impact air bags are an optional safety upgrade. Safety ratings for this vehicle are not available as safety crash testing has not yet been completed. 

To take advantage of the options and van sizes available for the 2014 Chevy Express, begin with a search for later model years to view the progression of the vehicle and decide which setup is right for your needs. The cargo areas are now larger and more advanced safety features are in place to ensure loads arrive to their destinations unharmed. The diesel engine helps to get more miles per tank. With the availability of optional side doors, loading and unloading, or going to grab a quick nap, is an easy access point to the rear cavity of the van.

In summation, the 2014 Chevrolet Express is an ideal option when multiple configurations of equipment are required for your business or personal use. You can find the Express that suits all of your immediate needs and specifications with the use of the advanced search options available at