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Where to find the best used cars

Car Dealerships
You can go to franchise or independent car dealerships when looking for a used car. Franchise and independent dealers both sell used cars, but franchise dealerships also sell new cars for specific manufacturers. At dealerships you can touch and feel cars on the lot. Ask one of the more than 14,000 Carfax-subscribing franchise dealers or 12,000 independent dealers to show you the Carfax – for free!

Websites like and let you compare cars easily from the comfort of your home. These online auto malls or online classified websites like make it easy for you to find car listings nationwide – from dealers and car owners. and also have mobile apps for quick access to listings, used car prices, and Carfax Reports on-the-go.

Buying a used car from an ad in the classified section helps you look for more affordable cars that are for sale by owner in your area. You can usually communicate on the phone with the owner to find out more about the vehicle. Since classified ad space is limited, it is easy to search through cars for sale.

*Carfax recommends getting a mechanic’s inspection, a CARFAX Vehicle History Report and taking a test drive before purchasing any used car.

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  1. And how does one go about getting a Carfax Vehicle History Report from a private owner selling their car from the classified newspaper ad?

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