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Summer this year has brought record heatwaves to many parts of the nation. Fortunately, there is technology available that is specifically designed to keep us cool and comfortable when we’re behind the wheel. These amenities have been around for years, so they’re readily available for those who are shopping for used cars.
Below, we’ve listed six features that will make your life more pleasant and enjoyable if you regularly drive in hot weather. You can significantly upgrade your driving experience if you choose a used car that offers one or more of these hot-weather essentials.

1. Dual-zone or Tri-zone Automatic Climate Control

Air conditioning can be a wonderful friend in warm temperatures, but it can also be a source of friction if you’ve got a passenger in the front row. Your idea of what’s pleasantly cool may be your passenger’s idea of what’s uncomfortably frigid. It’s a situation that can lead to reluctant compromises.

Thankfully, there’s dual-zone automatic climate control. This feature enables each front-row occupant to set a separate temperature for the vehicle’s climate control, allowing you to avoid conflicts and keep the peace. With tri-zone automatic climate control, those in the back row also get to choose their own temperature setting as well.

Dual-zone automatic climate control is available in models such as the Toyota PriusKia Soul and Ford Focus. You’ll find tri-zone temperature control in models such as the Nissan PathfinderKia Sedona and Honda Pilot.

2. Remote Start

It’s the thing many of us dread most about driving on a sweltering day: getting into a hot car and waiting in sticky discomfort for the air conditioning to cool the cabin. There’s a feature that can eliminate this short but unpleasant ordeal, and it’s called remote start.

With remote start, you can start your vehicle remotely a few minutes before getting behind the wheel. If it’s a hot day, this will get the air conditioning up and running so you can cool the cabin before you begin your drive.

Remote start is available on vehicles such as the Ford MustangBuick LaCrosse and Hyundai Sonata.

3. Ventilated Seats

If you’ve ever sat through the uncomfortable experience of having your car’s leather upholstery stick to your legs on a hot summer day, you’ll immediately appreciate the value of ventilated seats. Car seats can get downright toasty in hot weather, but ventilated seats are equipped with technology that allows them to remain pleasantly chilled. As with heated seats, many ventilated seats offer settings that allow you to adjust the temperature of your car’s chairs to your liking.

You’ll find this useful amenity in models such as the Kia ForteChevrolet Malibu and Chrysler 200.

4. Chilled Storage Compartments 

There’s nothing like a frosty beverage on a roasting-hot day, and if your vehicle has a chilled storage compartment, you can enjoy this pleasure even on long drives. A chilled storage compartment keeps your beverages cool. This feature can also be a life saver if you need to keep medication at a certain temperature during long journeys.

Models such as the Honda OdysseyVolkswagen Passat and Ford Flex are offered with chilled storage compartments.

5. Built-in Sunshades

The sun’s glare can be oppressive in the summer. It can create uncomfortable heat for your passengers, and it brings UV rays that can cause skin cancer. Built-in sunshades allow you to limit the amount of sunshine that enters the cabin. If you have young children, built-in sunshades can significantly improve their comfort on hot days.

This feature is offered on models such as the Audi A4Toyota Sienna and Dodge Grand Caravan.

6. Panoramic Sunroof

So far we’ve talked a lot about car features that help alleviate some of the more unpleasant aspects of summer weather. But let’s not forget that warm weather can be uplifting and delightful, and it’s meant to be enjoyed.

A panoramic sunroof is designed to facilitate this enjoyment. It provides wide glass panes that give you a clear view of blue summer skies above. You’ll find this feature in models such as the Mini CooperVolkswagen Golf and Kia Optima.

Cruise Through Summer with a Smile

Summer weather should be a treat, not a chore.

With these useful warm-weather car features on board, you’ll have everything you need to keep a smile on your face even when driving on the most blistering summer days.

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