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Top 5 Things to Know about Safety Recalls

We’ve all been hearing about safety recalls in the news. The recent announcements may be confusing, but we’ve got some tips you can use to keep yourself and your family safe. This week’s CARFAX Friday Video shares five things to know about safety recalls.

Transcription: Top 5 Things to Know about Safety Recalls

#5: What is a safety recall?

An auto recall occurs when an auto manufacturer or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – NHTSA – determines that a vehicle has a safety-related defects or does not comply with a federal safety standard. Despite the rigorous testing modern vehicles endure, only real-world performance reveals issues that cannot be predicted.

Recalls are important and should not be ignored – if your car has a recall, you should get it repaired immediately.

#4: Does your car have a recall?

Auto manufacturers are required to notify vehicle owners when a car is subject to a safety recall. While you should receive a letter in the mail, it may be quicker to use the internet. Jot down your license plate and visit Manufacturers report vehicle recalls to Carfax and you can check your specific car for free.

#3: Who picks up the tab?

Most recalls will be fixed for free by the manufacturer. All you have to do is take your vehicle to a local authorized dealer service shop. They will have information about your recall and be able to repair or replace the affected parts.

#2: How do I avoid buying a car with an open recall?

Last year, more than 3 and a half million cars were being offered for sale with open recalls. Many of these were probably fixed by the selling dealer, but consumers should be on the look-out as they shop for cars. Before you purchase, make sure the seller services the vehicle and the open recall is repaired.

#1: How to keep in the know

Even if your call doesn’t have a recall, you can stay up to date and make sure you know if one is issued. It’s really easy. Just visit and download our app. We’ll keep you up to date on regular service and send you an alert if a recall is ever issued on your car.

Parting Words

Manufacturers, dealers the government and Carfax are all working hard to make sure drivers have the information they need about open safety recalls. We all need to do our part, though – so take a moment now and check your car for free online. If your car has a recall, please take some time and arrange to have it repaired. It’s a little inconvenient but it can help protect you and your family.

If you have any questions or comments, please jot them down below.  And make sure you follow us. We may answer your questions in a future video.

By , CARFAX Communications Director

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