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It’s all about the Halloween Car Decorations

…No, that’s not a typo. There is such thing as trunk or treating, an event where people bring their tricks and their treats to a common area and take Halloween to a whole new level. Participants turn trunks or tailgates into front porches and eliminate door-to-door doorbell ringing. Consider it a Halloween Tailgate Party.

The concept of trunk or treating is popular at schools, churches and in rural areas where houses are far apart. It also serves as a safe event on Halloween that is centrally located, fun, and convenient. Doing Halloween this way provides a neighborly environment for trick or treaters and their families to gather together.

Here are 15 Halloween car decoration ideas, both scary and fun, for this year’s trunk or treating festivities:Kids can go car-to-car for candy, and amass a big haul in no time. Adults have a chance for a little fun as well, dressing up and play acting.  Whether it’s decorating your car to mimic a popular Disney movie or making it out to be the scariest trunk in the parking lot, it is no longer about the best costume!

Ventriloquist Show – Ventriloquists in general are creepy. Adding cob webs and Jason masks even add to the freak factor… and clowns.

Creepy Ventriloquist

Creepy Ventriloquist (picture via

Big Mouth – This is perfect for an SUV.  All that is needed is red and white fabric and a bucket at the end for the candy!

Big Mouth

Big Mouth, huge tongue! (picture via

Graveyard – Bring your front yard to the back of a pickup truck! Take the lawn ornaments of the scary tombstones and the skeletons that emerge from the grass and transform the bed into a graveyard. Complete with Halloween lights and plenty of cob webs.


All abord the graveyard. (picture via

Under The Sea – Everyone is a fan of Disney. With some blue fabric and cardboard for the boats and the characters, easily transform your trunk into a scene straight out of The Little Mermaid or Finding Nemo. Extra points awarded for dressing up like Captain Hook, Ariel and Nemo.

Under The Sea

(picture via

Ogre On Duty – No one said the trunk needs to be open for Truck or Treating. This old Ford Crown Victoria was transformed into a patrol car fit for this guy.  This may be one of the more complex decorating ideas. However, if you have an old Crown Victoria and a creepy ogre laying around, might as well make use of them for a good Halloween scare!

Ogre Patrol

Ogre Patrol

Boot, Scoot & Boogy – Hay and Flannel, done and done. Fill the bed of a truck with hay bales and button up a flannel shirt and some jeans (and maybe some cowboy boots too!) to create a hoedown for your trick-or-treaters to line dance their way through!


Welcome to the hoedown! (picture via

Zombie Apocalypse – This car was featured at the Washington DC auto show last winter, with good reason! With shows like The Walking Dead really hot right now, this would be sure to scare the trick or treaters.  Fortunately for the car, they are fully stocked with protection weapons.


On display at the 2014 Washington D.C. Auto Show

Christmas in October – Dust off the old Christmas decorations or stock up on new decorations (that are most likely already out in stores) a couple months early for this trunk decoration idea. Some garland, red bows and of course Frosty and Santa is all that is necessary to create the North Pole in October. Snow is optional.

Christmas in October

Christmas in October. (picture via

Classic Charlie Brown – Who doesn’t love “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown?” To create this trunk on a budget, simply get some plastic pumpkins, fill them with candy and line the trunk with burlap. Fake leaves, or real leaves, also add the fall rustic feel. Last but certainly not least, use poster board to create the sign that says “Welcome Great Pumpkin” and everyone’s friend Linus. Don’t forget his blanket!

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown welcomes the Great Pumpkin. (picture via

Welcome to the Jungle – Take advantage of the massive collection of stuffed animals for this one! Collect zoo animals from that collection and place them in the trunk with foliage (real or fake) to create the zoo-like atmosphere. Add some rocks to add detail. Finish the trunk with a baby gate or something with bars that creates the “cage” like feeling and the trunk is now a zoo and you can consider yourself the zookeeper!

Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle. (Picture via

The Man Cave – Big sports fan? Then this is the perfect trunk. Collect all the memorabilia and display as if the trick-or-treater is walking straight into a man cave.

The Man Cave

The Man Cave. (picture via

Cemetery – The Addams Family was invited to this year’s Truck or Treating, and this is their trunk! Tons of black, skeletons, scary portraits and tombstones make up this trunk. All that is missing is Uncle Fester.

Cemetery in your trunk. Image by USAG Vicenza via Flickr cc.

Cemetery in your trunk. Image by USAG Vicenza via Flickr cc.

Ghost Party – All this takes is some neon lights and a handful of ghosts. Always helps to have some music on to get the ghosts really moving to the groove!

trunk or treat ghosts

Featured image by Ben Jenkins via Flickr cc.

May The Force Be With You – This is the trunk fit for Star Wars enthusiasts everywhere! For those who already collect Star Wars memorabilia, creating this scene would be very simple.

Star Wars trunk. Image by James via Flickr cc.

Star Wars trunk. Image by James via Flickr cc.

Those are just 15 of hundreds of ideas. Organizers of Trunk or Treating events can sometimes come up with themes for their parking lots, which may make it easier to come up with some creative Halloween car decorating ideas.

Once all of the decorating is done and all are admiring the creativity of each trunk, the kids are set free to circle the parking lot until they get dizzy collecting candy!  Either that or until the parents tell them it is time to go.

Have you been trunk or treating? Or plan to decorate your car this Halloween?

Tell us about it! Send us your photos too!

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