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The Car Fox has gone CG

CARFAX recently released three new ads featuring a completely made-over Car Fox. No longer a puppet, the Car Fox has been enhanced by computer graphics and groomed by the team at Hinge Digital. For a complete history of the changes made to the CG Car Fox, click here.

The ads also feature a seal and a bloodhound. The ads take place in a dealership that does not offer a CARFAX report. The salesman tries to sell the car using a different animal, but the Car Fox is there to rescue the buyer. There is also an ad of an individual seller lying to the buyer about the vehicle’s history. The Car Fox is there to encourage the buyer to head over to an advantage dealer.

Check out these new ads and tell us how you like them on our Facebook page.

Seal of Approval
Sniff around
Good Call

One thought on “The Car Fox has gone CG”

  1. These new ads are lousy.
    The puppet was a primitive rod variety but had an organic charm to it.
    The new CGI rendition is empty and soulless, not to mention crudely animated. He has no presence in the live action portion, it’s like “he’s” not even there.
    But I’m sure some suit commented that a puppet didn’t look “classy” enough and CGI does… yeah right.

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