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Test Drive: 2022 Mercedes-Benz S 580 Review

2022 Mercedes S-Class
2022 Mercedes S-Class / Credit: Mercedes

Tech Makes V8-Powered S 580 Both Appealing and Frustrating

  • Trim Tested: S 580 4Matic Sedan
  • Price as Tested: $125,890 (including destination charge)
  • What We Like: Amazing tech; mix of comfort and power
  • What We Don’t: Tech overshadows elegance; fussy controls for some features

The S-Class is Mercedes’ flagship car and it’s so iconic that, for many, it’s the vehicle against which all other luxury sedans are judged. This mighty 4-door competes head-to-head with the BMW 7-Series, the Audi A8, and myriad other high-end sedans, from the Lexus LS to the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

My test vehicle was the S 580, the middle-tier trim between the S 500, Maybach S 580, and Maybach S 680. I drove the S 580 for a week and these are my impressions.

2022 Mercedes S-Class Rear
2022 Mercedes S-Class / Credit: Mercedes

How It Drives

Two characteristics define the S 580: power and comfort. They are so exquisitely balanced that one never outshines the other. The power in the S 580 comes from a 496-horsepower twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine. The car is heavy – about 2.5 tons – but it still feels quick. Mash the pedal and the big engine takes a few beats to get going. Then the turbos kick in and any straightaway is demolished in a surge of power.

At more mundane speeds, the quiet Benz glides along, helped by ample sound deadening. At a stop, it is quiet as a church mouse, as the mild-hybrid EQ Boost system shuts the engine off.

That same mild-hybrid system adds extra thrust during heavy acceleration, something accentuated by turning the Dynamic setting to Sport mode. In Sport, the S 580 feels almost like a sports sedan. Almost. It’s too heavy to really fly around corners, even with its air suspension set to a firmer mode. That suspension is best left in Comfort, where it absorbs road imperfections.

2022 Mercedes S-Class Front Seats
2022 Mercedes S-Class / Credit: Mercedes

Interior Comfort & Quality

The interior of the S 580 looks like a mix between a traditional luxury car and a Tesla, demonstrating once again the outsized influence that Elon Musk’s company has had on traditional automotive brands. The centerpiece of the cabin is a huge touchscreen that sweeps up from the center console at a 45-degree angle. A second widescreen sits behind the steering wheel.

The front seats offer comfort par excellence, with 10 massage settings and suede headrests with pillowy stuffing. Head into a corner quickly, and the seat’s electronic cushions give you a little hug to hold you in place. The rear seats are capacious, as expected in a top luxury sedan, but the nicest seats in the house are still the fronts. This is a car to drive, not be driven in. The Maybach S-Class is the one for the chauffeured.

2022 Mercedes S-Class Dashboard
2022 Mercedes S-Class / Credit: Mercedes

Technology & Usability

The two screens – one in the center of the dashboard and one in front of the driver – dominate the S 580’s cabin. The central screen is enormous and can be distracting to use, as you’ll have to hunt for the right icon. With 12.8-inches of high-res OLED to work with, Mercedes packed a lot of buttons into it.

Some of the controls in the S 580 are straightforward – the window switches and lock buttons are on the door where you would expect them, and the transmission uses a straightforward column shifter.

However, most of the controls have some caveat:

  • The seat-position adjustments are touch-sensitive, so it’s hard to know if you have pressed them correctly.
  • The start button looks cheap and has a stop/start shutoff control below it that’s easy to hit accidentally.
  • The buttons below the touchscreen are needlessly small, mounted on a cheap-feeling bezel, and touch-sensitive, making them hard to use, especially the volume control. It should be a knob but it’s a plastic slider, instead.
  • In fact, the overall number of buttons that are touch-sensitive – the air vents, the steering wheel toggles, the seat heaters – is way too high.

Still, the innovation in the S 580 is impressive, especially the advanced driver-assist systems (ADAS). Parking is a breeze because of the automatic parallel parking functionality. The optional 4-wheel steering system, which can turn the rear wheels along with the fronts, effectively shrinks the turning radius of this large car to the size of a Honda Civic’s.

Read our full 2022 Mercedes S-Class review for more specs and information about the entire S-Class lineup. Carfax vehicle reviews let shoppers compare a vehicle’s specs against its competitors. However, some aspects of a vehicle – performance, comfort, usability – can only be evaluated through actual driving. That’s why we evaluate as many vehicles as we can, so you’ll know what to expect.

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