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What to do about a rolled back odometer

Odometer fraud is a major problem for consumers and happens in every state. So, what do you do if you’re a victim of this scam?

Unfortunately, many people who unknowingly buy a rolled-back car don’t know who they should report it to or contact an agency that’s unable to help them. So who do you call? Local police? State Attorney General’s office? The reality is that the agency designated to handle and investigate odometer rollback cases differs from state to state.

If you’ve bought a car with an odometer rollback, here’s a link to the agency in your state to contact for help:









District of Columbia





















New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







West Virginia



41 thoughts on “What to do about a rolled back odometer”

  1. The link for Florida is not working. Is there another website or office phone number you can provide? I need this ASAP please!

  2. Hello, I am an owner of a suv from 2011-present. I went to trade in my suv in and on your carfax it states a “total lost” on 9/22/12. This information is not correct. This vehicle has been registered and re-registered, inspected over the years and insured from the time it has been in my possession. I called my insurance company about this matter and they stated that they did not report this to this company. This has cause a hardship on me with getting a new vehicle, and will affect my employment as well as my income, with this incorrect information this vehicle is considered worthless. I am asking that this is to be corrected as soon as possible. I thank you in advance. Candice Newbey

  3. I bought a truck from a dealer and on a road trip I got pulled over for doing 82 in a 75 but I was doing 75. The truck has after market rim and tires. When I got to where I was going the odometer showed I only went 1400 miles and I know that the trip was over 1500 miles so I don’t know how many miles are on the truck. What would be the best thing to do with the dealer?

  4. Hi Joseph,

    It sounds like larger tires are throwing off the calibration of your speedometer and odometer. You should ask if they can recalibrate the speedometer for you (or recommend a shop that can).

  5. About a year and a half ago I bought an out of state vehicle (Jeep Grand Cherokee) through eBay. I am in Colorado and the Jeep was sold to me in Nevada. I just went on CarFax to check if my car was subject to the airbag recall. Good news – it isn’t. Bad news – the maintenance history records you indicate that at the last emissions inspection in Nevada, an odometer discrepancy was reported. The vehicle went from 173,000 miles to 109,000! Since this deal was done over 18 months ago, I don’t know where to begin to report this. Colorado, Nevada, both? Do you have any suggestions for me? BTW – I didn’t pull a CarFax for this transaction since eBay had a deal going with AutoCheck, and they had no such report in the vehicle history when I bought the Jeep. I’m convinced now more than ever, CarFax is the only way to go when you really want the full story on any used vehicle!

  6. Hi,

    I bought a 2004 Ford Taurus on 04/2014. I just found out yesterday that my insurance has been canceled due to tampering with the odometer. When I bought the car, the carfax did show that there had been odometer tampering. When I questioned the salesman he said it was an error. I have a recent Vin check for the car and it shows that in 10/2009 the odometer read 124,522 and in 03/2010 128,345, but the dealer sold the car to me with the miles showing 100,984. Will anyone insure the care because of the odometer tampering? If not, what do I do?

    1. Hi Nicholas,

      You may want to contact the appropriate agency in your state, as well as a few different insurance providers to see what the best course of action is.

  7. Hello
    I have been trying to buy a new car but my carfax shows a mileage inconsistency. It seems to be a simple accident but it is becoming very hard to clear this up on the carfax website. I am in need of a new vehicle but this hold up with carfax makes my current vehicle worthless until it is corrected. What should be my next step.

  8. I bought a car from a private and come to find out the miles have been rolled back. He signed the title and stated the miles. Isn’t this illegal! What can I do! I’m trying to trade the car I paid 21,000 and now because of this I can only get 16,000. Help

  9. There are community Scam Alert organizations in my area, (Honolulu) run by volunteers and retired law enforcement people who can put you in touch with legal aid and other sources of help, or with the police and lists of people with records. Probably something like this exists where you are. I have a similar problem — an unlicensed mechanic has installed an engine in my car and he is telling me that he does not know the vin number of the car from which he got it, therefore I must trust the mileage he puts down on the signed statement he gives me when I pay him. He tells me to leave the odometer as it is as “nobody expects an older car to have an original engine anyway.” Is there any way to trace an engine and do a Carfax report without a vin number?

  10. I bought a Lexus is250 from a “reputable” dealership in town 2 years ago. Now im wanting to trade it in for something bigger. Car fax shows odometer rollback alert! I’m I screwed or what can I do ?? Help!

  11. Can I get help. I financing a mini van from a small dealer and just found out the odometer was rollback 39,000 miles the Department of Justice caught the rollback and the MVC put a stop on it. The title holder (the bank) know about it and still wants me to make payments or repo it if I dont and wants to auction it and I have to pay the remaining balance this isnt fair. I was not in error at all but Im the victim…send me a source I can handle this matter…New Jersey

  12. Hi guys, my sister bought an 05 civic hybrid last year from a private seller and it had about 122k miles. The seller mentioned that it had the ima battery replaced not too long ago and promised to pass on the paperwork for it but never did. About a week ago there was a code for the ima battery, that basically the battery was no good. I ran a carfax and came to find out that in 2014 the vehicle had 253k miles. The report verified that the vehicle did have that many miles and that somehow the mileage was rolled back or tampered with. My question is can I do something about it? The seller is not returning any of my phone calls and I cant get a hold of him. Please help!

  13. I bought a 2008 CRV advertised with 58,000 miles from a private seller. He supplied me with a Carfax report supporting that mileage. After getting the car home, I had a bad feeling and decided to pull my own Carfax report (he did not leave me the one he had) which showed the vehicle had 200,000+ miles on it. All of the other information matched up, just not the mileage so he gave me an altered Carfax report. He won’t return my calls. I’m having a difficult time filing a report with law enforcement and the District Attorney’s office. Private lawyers have suggested there’s nothing I can do until I am able to locate the guy myself. Any advice on what I can do?

  14. Hello the florida link doesn’t seem to be functioning.
    I bought a used car and appears odometer has been set back thousands of miles.
    In need of serious help. Dealer lied completely it seems. Looking at paperwork again now and odometer section dealer wrote exempt.
    Ask dealer before signing what that meant and dealer simply said it simply meant it was not necessary to fill this section.
    I didn’t not fully comprehend at the time of signing.
    Went to get an oil change and toyota dealership showed me car was serviced by them in 2011 at 117k.
    Well I purchased car at 110k.
    This did not add up.
    Appears car was set back. Prompted me to do a vin check. And behold. Odometer has been set back indeed.

    Please help
    Thank you

  15. I have been facing the same situation. Car mileage rolled back by 150k. What shud be the nxt steps??please help. I am a student n nt doing good financially.

  16. I bought a GMC Sierr for $12,000 cash a week ago and the car shows 118,000 miles when i bought it. But the vin scan later showed 190,000 miles. I feel like i have been robbed. What can i do?

  17. I just found out that the odometer was rolled back on a jeep I purchased last month from a dealership. I bought it showing 55k miles found a invoice from a previous dealership where it had work done and with the original owner info. I spoke to him and confirmed that it had 77k mile in 2015.

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