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Ringing in the New Year usually has some type of celebration tied to it. With 363 days gone in 2014, there is plenty to celebrate and be thankful for: Celebrations full of glitter, heartfelt toasts and plenty of well wishes for the New Year. Party guest lists including family, friends and/or total strangers with one thing in common. All will celebrate the last hours of 2014, ready for what 2015 will bring.
CARFAX wants you to make it home safely this New Year’s Eve. After all of the balloons drop, the champagne pops and the midnight kisses are stolen, it’s time to head home.  Here are some tips for how to avoid driving drunk, so you don’t put yourself or others in danger.

Take Public Transportation

Knowing how to get around using public transportation will definitely help getting home safely. Things like subways and buses are available in the cities, but taxi cabs are available most everywhere. What is important about public transportation is that you know the routes and the phone numbers ahead of time. The last thing to think about or try to figure out is the subway map or the number for the most convenient taxi service.


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There are also now apps that can also help out with this. Uber and Lyft are two of the most popular. These are great because no cash is exchanged and the transaction is done on your phone using a debit or credit card. These apps also usually have promo codes that can be used for free first rides after download or after referring friends. It is also convenient because of the functionality of the app that allows the user to see where the available drivers are and how far away they are. This makes sure you know the estimated time of arrival of your cab and who is picking you up. The app functionality also shows you the approximate pricing and if they are using how much the price surge will be. The best part about it is that there is no money transferred and the transaction goes directly to your debit or credit card.

Hire a Limo and Go All Out!

If you are into going all out for New Year’s Eve, one possibility would be to hire a limousine or party bus to transport your party crew around town. This would not only be a great time, but would also be safe too! Round up a group of friends and there friends and split the cost. Have someone be responsible for making a fun New Year’s Eve party playlist and make sure there is champagne on board. When leaving the driving to someone else, there is no need to worry. You could also even have the limo or party bus drop you at the party you are planning to attend and then have you back in one piece afterwards!


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Crash a Neighbor’s Party

Not only will it be great fun with the neighbors, but it will also allow for a short walk home at the end of the night. Make sure not to show up empty handed. Bring an appetizer, dessert or bottle of wine to make the party crashing less obvious. Even if you are new to the neighborhood, this would be a great opportunity to branch out and get to know who you live beside. Especially for families that have children to play together, this is a perfect ice breaker to welcome you to the neighborhood. Also, staying local will help ease the mind if the kids are home with the babysitter, not to mention the short walk home.

Neighbors Party

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Stay Home

Some of the best nights are spent snuggled on the couch in a pair of comfy sweatpants with a bottle of wine or a movie marathon. Some that stay home stay up and watch the ball drop while others call it an early night and take advantage of getting a good night sleep and being well rested for the day off on the 1st.

Night In!

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Or, host a party! Invite friends over so you do not have to go anywhere. This option combines the social element of the night but also prevents from getting into a car and driving. It may take some work but house parties are some of the best parties!

There are plenty of online blogs and Pinterest boards to help hosting a party. Create a theme, make it a pot luck or even a BYOB party to lessen the burden of throwing a party. It does not have to be a huge party or even a crazy party, but having friends over for some food and drinks is a great option this New Year’s Eve.

New Years

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Designate a Driver

Draw straws or be friends with a pregnant lady. Whatever it takes to designate a sober driver for the night. Make sure that he or she is trust worthy and responsible enough to stay sober in order to drive home. Not everyone needs alcohol to have fun. If you run into a situation where your designated driver has fallen by the wayside, try there might be room in someone else’s designated driver’s car. Or call a cab, no matter the expense.

Have a Sleep Over

Book a room at a nearby hotel or crash with friends. It is so much easier to get a good night sleep and arrive home safely in the morning than have to run the risk of getting into trouble or putting yourself and others in danger. While hotel rooms can be expensive on New Year’s Eve, get together with some friends that have a similar plan and split the room. Also, look for last minute deals on hotel sites that are trying to sell unfilled rooms. And for those opting for a sleepover at a friend’s house, air mattresses and empty couches serve as great temporary sleeping situations until you can get home safely. Also…. who doesn’t love a sleep over with friends?!


However you decide to get home, the most important thing is that you get home safely. So make sure that your phone is charged up (in case you need to call a cab, get an Uber or set your alarm to wake up in the morning), you have a plan and you stick to it and you stay with the group!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2015

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CARFAX® wishes you a Happy and Healthy 2015!

How do you plan to spend your New Year’s Eve? Tell us below!


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