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If you suffer from anxiety of any sort, there’s one activity that’s sure to trigger it, and that activity is parking. Whether it’s trying to angle your car into a tight spot in a crowded mall lot or attempting to parallel park on a busy urban street, parking is a task that is not for the faint of heart.

It requires a certain measure of precision to park your vehicle without bruising a hubcap or dinging a bumper. In some circumstances, the chore also needs to be completed with a fair amount of speed. We’ve all had parking-lot episodes in which a nervous parker has held up the flow of traffic by taking forever to maneuver his car into a space.

Happily, technology has provided solutions for the dilemma faced by those who dread the prospect of parking their vehicles. Here are four must-have technology features for anxious parkers. These innovations are commonly found in a wide range of vehicles, from affordable sedans to luxury crossovers.

1. Rearview Camera

If you’re trying to parallel park, it can be difficult to gauge how far your rear bumper is from the front bumper of the vehicle that’s parked behind you. Without the proper equipment, you can wind up creating the type of situation that requires you to exchange insurance information with a stranger.

(Hyundai Motor America)

Happily, a rearview camera can be a huge help when you’re parallel parking in tight spaces. With this feature, a camera is mounted to your vehicle’s rear bumper, and it transmits images to a screen on your car’s dash that give you a clear view of what’s behind you when the car is in reverse.

A rearview camera can provide you with the information you need to avoid accidents in tight parking conditions. And this equipment will help give you a certain measure of confidence in all parking situations.

2. Front and Rear Parking Sensors

Parallel parking can be a complex ballet, and sometimes you need a little help with the execution. Whether you’re backing up or edging forward, it can be difficult to ascertain how much wiggle room you have left to complete the task.

Front and rear parking sensors provide you with guidance that can be incredibly helpful when parking your vehicle. This technology uses sensors at the front and rear of the car to get a lay of the land. If you get close to another object, the sensors will alert you via an audible warning. The warnings usually increase in intensity as you draw closer to the neighboring object.

If you’re piloting a large vehicle such as a full-size SUV or a minivan, it can be extremely challenging to get a sense of the vehicle’s location in relation to other objects when parking. With vehicles like these, front and rear parking sensors are essential. Also, some vehicles have poor rearward visibility; certain convertibles are known for suffering from this problem when their tops are raised. Parking sensors can help you avoid mishaps when you’re piloting these types of vehicles.

3. Surround-view Camera

What if you had a bird’s-eye view of everything around you when parking your vehicle? It’s easy to see how having this type of information would ease the stress of parking.

A surround-view camera provides you with a sight line of pretty much everything that immediately surrounds your vehicle. This system uses a series of cameras mounted all around your car to send images to a screen located on the dash. This feature does more than just feed you images of adjacent cars; in some cases, it also shows you exactly where the lines are when you’re trying to position your vehicle within a marked parking space.

4. Self-Parking System

The king of parking technologies has got to be a self-parking system. With these systems, the car handles the task of parking, with minimal driver input. Sensors give the car an idea of which objects are nearby, and the car takes over the tasks of steering, braking and applying the gas until the vehicle is safely parked. With some models, you don’t even need to be behind the wheel for parking to take place; you can instruct the car to park itself after you’ve exited the vehicle.

Upgrade Your Relationship with Parking

If you’ve had hairy parking encounters that have left you traumatized, know that technology is out there that can help change the way you feel about this everyday task.

The right technology features can protect your vehicle during parking maneuvers and provide you with peace of mind.

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