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Green cars, a surprising truck concept, hydrogen and new luxury models grabbed the headlines at the 2014 LA Auto Show. Want to know what was hot? Here is a recap of all the top happenings.

Green Cars

The LA Auto Show is becoming known for green car news. This makes sense considering California is on the forefront of pushing for green technology and improved fuel efficiency. Throughout the show, being “green” was everywhere.

Also, unlike other shows, the LA Auto Show featured a green car driving area. This was a specially set aside area to drive a range of green cars from a Tesla to a Nissan Leaf. Visitors could do a lap in the car for free and get a better understanding of the cars and technology.

Lastly, there is a growing movement in the green car community to recognize improvements big trucks have been making. This was prominent in LA with the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel being awarded the first “Green Truck of the Year” award.

 BMW i3 Awarded 2015 Green Car of the Year

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

While the LA Auto Show is becoming the “green” show, it is also becoming somewhat of a mid-size truck show. It may come as a shock, but California is home to one of the largest mid-size truck markets in the country. These trucks are used to hit the sand, offroad in the desert, and climb mountains. This versatility is hard to get in a full-size truck and with California’s notoriously bad traffic; a mid-size truck is easier to drive around.


The Colorado ZR2 concept looks like a rugged truck.

For these reasons, and a few others, Chevy unveiled a new Colorado ZR2 concept. This robust take on the mid-size truck was an offroaders dream. With large, knobby tires, upgraded King shocks with remote reservoirs and a mighty diesel engine, this Chevy Colorado is ready for everything California drivers can throw at it.


For years, green car technology was focused on electric hybrids and pure electric powertrains. These hybrids would have small gas engines mated to batteries while the full electric powertrains have just batteries. This is changing with a new fuel source entering into the mix: hydrogen.

Both Toyota and VW had hydrogen fuel-cell powered models on display. Toyota’s Mirari is going into production soon while VW is holding back its Hymotion Golf until the infrastructure is further built off.

Toyota Mirai hydrogen car.

A hydrogen powered car is coming to the market soon. Toyota introduced the Mirai.

The fact is hydrogen is coming sooner rather than later.

New Luxury Models


– With its own separate booth away from the main hall, Porsche used its position to reinforce the idea of “exclusivity.” The exclusive message was pounded on throughout their press conference and reinforced on its marketing language.

Speaking of exclusive, a new 911 was unveiled as well as a sport version of the Cayenne.

porsche cayenne

Porsche Cayenne

Lexus – The luxury maker unveiled a new LF-C2 concept. This convertible concept is likely a preview of what an RC convertible will look like.

Lexus LFC Concept Car debuts.

Lexus LFC Concept Car debuts.

Jaguar – Adding a new manual transmission and AWD option, the 2016 Jaguar F-Type was unveiled.

Audi – A 570-hp R8 grabbed a lot of attention from those who want a little luxury mixed with performance.

Auid R8 grabbed a lot of attention.

Auid R8 grabbed a lot of attention.

Bentley – Riding in style and enjoying the sun were key parts of a new Bentley Grand Convertible. This spectacular convertible is sure to be a hit with the famous LA crowd.

Bentley Grand Convertible-World Debut

Bentley Grand Convertible-World Debut

There were many more vehicles revealed including the new Ford Explorer, BMX X5, Ford Shelby Mustang GT350 and a wild Nissan Murano. Each of these vehicles grabbed the spotlight for a short time until another vehicle stole it.

Overall, the show featured plenty of new vehicles to drool over.

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