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If you’re looking for a family vehicle, it’s hard to argue with the merits of a minivan. Offering generous cargo space and room for seven or eight passengers, these vehicles are built to meet the needs of even the largest families.

With its spacious, flexible interior and comfortable ride quality, the Honda Odyssey offers attributes that are important to minivan shoppers, and it’s one of the segment’s most beloved. This Honda led the way in innovation. It was the first minivan to offer an in-vehicle vacuum cleaner, and this feature can be especially useful for those with pets or small kids.

It makes sense to purchase a used Odyssey instead of buying one that’s new. Depreciation can help you achieve big savings when buying on the used market.

Buying a used vehicle requires you to do a bit more homework than is necessary when buying a new vehicle, but it’s worth the effort. With proper research, you can obtain a vehicle on the used market at a price that’s much lower than you’d have paid for the same model if you’d bought it new.

Below, we’ve listed three tips to help you find a used Honda Odyssey that will keep you and your family smiling.

2015 Honda Odyssey.

1. Know that the 2015 Odyssey has received accolades for its dependability. One of the biggest question marks for shoppers considering a used vehicle is dependability. Many used-car shoppers worry about winding up with a model saddled with equipment that is faulty or about to fail.

The Odyssey has an excellent reputation when it comes to reliability. While there are many model years worth considering as you evaluate used Odyssey minivans, one, in particular, stands out: the 2015 model. This Odyssey has received a notable accolade for reliability from J.D. Power.

Every year, J.D. Power surveys owners of used vehicles to see how each model fares when it comes to dependability. In the 2018 survey, the 2015 Honda Odyssey got the highest scores in the minivan segment. This Honda was the only minivan to get a perfect five stars for overall dependability.

The 2015 Odyssey also got a perfect five stars in the J.D. Power survey for body and interior dependability, and it got a solid four stars for the dependability of its features and accessories.

If you’re thinking about purchasing an Odyssey, know that the 2015 model stands as one of the best when it comes to providing years of enduring service.

2015 Honda Odyssey.

2. Keep an eye out for helpful driver-assistive amenities. Certain driver-assistive features can provide support that works to keep you safe when you’re behind the wheel. These features are relatively recent innovations, but they’re available on some newer used vehicles. You can find many of these amenities on recent used Honda Odysseys.

Honda introduced some useful active safety features on the 2014 Odyssey. These include forward-collision warning and lane-departure warning. If you want to benefit from this technology, you’ll need to purchase an Odyssey that is 2014 or newer. Keep in mind that these features aren’t standard on all trims, so you’ll need to make sure they’re present on the vehicle you’re considering.

Honda Vacuum

3. Know which used Odyssey models offer an in-vehicle vacuum cleaner. The Honda Odyssey was the first minivan to offer an in-vehicle vacuum cleaner. With this feature, a vacuum cleaner is installed in the rear of the vehicle. It’s an amenity that can be tremendously helpful in cleaning up crumbs, spills and pet hair.

The Odyssey’s in-vehicle vacuum cleaner was introduced for the 2014 model year, so you’ll need to purchase a 2014 or newer vehicle to access this amenity. This feature is standard on the Odyssey’s top trim, the Touring Elite.

Minivan Mastery

The Odyssey is an undeniable leader in the minivan segment. It offers comfortable accommodations and features that make family hauling a breeze.

When shopping for a used Odyssey, having access to certain key information is necessary if you want to make an informed and satisfying purchase. The tips listed above will help provide the insight you need to find an Odyssey minivan that’s a perfect match for your needs.

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