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There are over 212,000 cars on the road today in the US that have reported flood damage. Two thirds of flooded cars (133,173) can be found in just 10 states.

  • Texas currently has over 30,000 flood vehicles–more than any other state.
  • Next up is New Jersey with more than 28,600
  • Pennsylvania has more than 13,000 flooded cars
  • Kentucky, Louisiana, New York, Illinois have more than 9,000 each
  • Florida has 8,800
  • Mississippi and Virginia round out the top 10 with more than 7,000 of flooded cars in operation

Tips for spotting a flooded car:

  • Check hardware for silt, mud or rust in the trunk, glove compartment, dashboard, or below the seats.
  • Look for loosely-fitting and discolored upholstery and carpeting. Check to see if anything doesn’t match or is loose, which may indicate that carpeting or cloth has been replaced.
  • Water can short out electrical connections. Test the windshield wipers, turn signal lights, break lights, radio, internal lights, heater and air-conditioner to be sure they work.
  • Check for warning lights to make sure ABS and airbag lights turn on.
  • Smell for a musty odor in the interior or the trunk.
  • Flex the wires beneath dashboard to see if they’re brittle or cracked from drying out.
  • Get an inspection from a trusted mechanic BEFORE you hand over money. A car is a big investment, so it’s worth this modest expense.
  • Check for flood damaged cars for FREE at flood.carfax.com

Hurricane Sandy in 2012 left more than a quarter million flooded cars on the East Coast. Still, Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma resulted in an incredible 600,000 flooded cars in their wake.

infographic on flood damaged cars for 2012


A CARFAX customer wrote us to say:

“My parents got burned last year by purchasing a used car they did not know was flooded. The car looked immaculalte and had no signs of flood until the electrical system and transmission failed. This was a horrible experience and cost my parents a lot of money.” Rich C., Virginia

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