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First Car Buying Story

“I was looking to buy a Ford F-150 this summer.

I was looking at some different cars on Craigslist and classified and stuff like that. But I ended up taking a look at this one at a dealership. They were selling it used, it was a 1998. As a first time car buyer, getting the CARFAX report helped me become well-educated. I wanted to get the CARFAX report on it so I could see how the maintenance had been and if it had been in any accidents and things like that.

When I ordered the report I learned that it had had only one owner, and that that owner had done regular maintenance on it. And so I knew that this car was in good shape and had a pretty good chance of lasting a long time for me, which is what I was looking for.

I also learned that it had been involved in a minor front-end collision. I was able to take that into account and I specifically inspected the front-end, and looked carefully. I could some signs of it, but they were minor things like the grill was chipped, and nothing that would cause problems in the engine.

I brought in the CARFAX report and I said that I got the report on this title, and saw that it had been in a front-end collision. So that was one thing I used to help bring down the price a little bit.

The CARFAX report just gave me a lot more information that I could use when I determine which vehicle to buy.”

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