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Last week, I looked at some sports cars for those who are trying to decide between fun or a practical compact car. But for some sports car fans, only a Porsche will do. So how much more do you need to pry open your wallet?
Porsche has built a reputation as the exotic that operates with German precision, and at the price of a German car. But their ease of use has made them fairly popular of late, not to mention their product diversification. So Porsche ownership is technically within reach for plenty of people, if you’re willing to deal with some of its quirks. Here’s some of what you can expect in the CARFAX Used Car Listings for Porsches:

The Porsche Boxster, introduced in 1997, is the modern-day “affordable” Porsche. An upscale answer to the success of the Mazda Miata, the Boxster is also renowned for its impeccable handling characteristics. Like the Miata, it’s not smothered in power for its price, but its balance and poise will seal the deal for many. And first-generation Boxsters with no accidents start as low as $10,000.

The Boxster may have been less expensive and aimed at widening the Porsche audience, but it is a very pure Porsche in every sense.

The next Porsche up the price ladder is less of what you’d expect from the sports car company, but it’s sporty in its own right. A Porsche Cayenne can technically be yours for less than $25,000. And as far as modern Porsches go, that’s pretty inexpensive. To start, anyway.

It’s one of the family, it insists. As derided as the Cayenne was when it first appeared, it quickly became the company’s best-seller and a respectable seller among all luxury SUVs. It quickly blazed the trail for what’s become the SUV with extra emphasis on the “S.” That said, the cheapest models are likely to have a V6 that may mean smaller repair bills, but a definite lack of fun compared to the V8 models. And even though the Cayenne has a trick air suspension and pretty decent off-road chops, it’s not as spacious inside as many rivals. But if it had a bigger cargo area, that would just mean the soccer balls in the back would have more space to roll around.

But now, back to full-on sports cars.

Despite it being viewed as a Boxster with a roof, the Porsche Cayman has a harder edge and a stronger emphasis on performance, which puts it in the line of sight of the 911. And it’s more expensive than the Boxster, too. Plan on starting around $35,000 for a nice one.

The Cayman is the most performance oriented of the bunch, best pitched at those who view a Porsche as nothing other than a sports car. Finding a good one is harder than locating a Boxster or Cayenne, mostly because they were only made starting from 2005 and many are daily drivers – another ease-of-use testament. But with its two trunks, rather logical and comfortable interior and uncomplicated gearbox and engine, a Cayman does kind of make sense as an everyday sports car. And it’s still way cheaper than a similarly aged Porsche 911.

So yes, there are such things as inexpensive Porsches. Sure, they need to be properly maintained, but do some digging and you can have your Porsche for the price of a midsize sedan.

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  1. Brandon Vausse November 9, 2015 at 5:32 am - Reply


    I actually recently invested in a used Porsche Boxster and agree that while it is a cheaper option when compared to some of the higher end models it is still a very pure Porsche. I managed to get my 2002 automatic petrol boxster for £5,490 which I thought was a great deal. I have also been surprised by how reasonable it is to maintain, using Porsche specialists tech 9 based in Liverpool. It is a real beauty and keeping it serviced and maintained is central to that!

    Brandon Vausse

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