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If you’re a car enthusiast, loving to hate some cars or their features is a guilty pleasure. We asked some Reddit users which cars press their buttons and why. We got some strong responses – these are some of the best!

Automatic Notifications

Audi TT Cockpit
Image – Robert Basic

Sometimes newer cars with sophisticated automated notification systems can be a bit too clever, according to marv2: “I’ve left my keys in the ignition? Cool thanks. Headlights on? Thanks again. There’s a bag on the passenger seat not wearing its seatbelt, BONG!

“Newer Audis have this new feature, driving along on a hot day with the aircon going, BONG! A little message pops up in the binnacle display ‘Using aircon will increase fuel consumption, to save fuel turn the aircon off.’ If I haven’t crashed yet, I turn the aircon off and open a window a crack. BONG! A new message in the binnacle: ‘Driving with the windows open will increase fuel consumption, to save fuel, close the windows.'”

Big Little Cars

Mini Cooper S on the road

Mini Cooper S. Image by Geoff.

Reddit user Only Standard takes exception to the new larger versions of classic small city cars: “The new big Mini, the big Fiat 500. It’s like the owners said to themselves, ‘I like the Mini, except for the one thing that makes the car unique.’”

Ford vs Chevy

1979 Chevy Silverado

1979 Chevy Silverado. Photo by Chad Horwedel.

Brand rivalry sustains a satisfying love to hate for timberwolvesguy: “Chevy in general. Not GM, just Chevy. I’ve always had a hate for them that’s fueled by my love for Ford. The reason I love to hate them and don’t just hate them is that I always find something wrong with every Chevy I drive. The gauges never work as a whole on old Suburbans, Astros, Silverados, or Trailblazers. The Traverse is horribly underpowered and the EcoTec engine used in most of their cars is a joke.
“The only Chevys I can’t hate are the Malibu and Chevelle. I’ve driven multiple Malibus and they really are nice cars. I’ve driven the Corvette and like it, but you really don’t have a whole lot of visibility in the mid-2000s models and the seats are a little too low for my liking.

“I love to hate them because of the Ford/Chevy rivalry. While there are some Fords I don’t agree with (Aspire, Aerostar, and early 2000s Taurus), I’m in love with the majority of Fords throughout history.

“I’ll finish on a positive note though. If there were ever a North America vs Europe vs Asia challenge to see which continent makes the best cars, I’d be on Team Chevy in a heartbeat.”

Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper Dashboard

Image – The Car Spy

While lots of people love the new Mini Cooper’s rally-inspired design it doesn’t convince Kozi47. “Speedometer is in the center console like a big grandfather clock.”


Chevrolet C5 Corvette

Image – Kate Skegg

If you want to create some controversy, hate on C5 and C6 Corvettes, like kmets4: “They’re pretty common in my area and everyone gets excited like it’s a Ferrari every time they see one. I find them ugly and they lack refinement.”
The Corvette fan base got involved, highlighting their good points. Reddit user Abomination said: “I strongly prefer the well designed, smooth lines and pop-up headlights of the C5.”

Smart Cars

Smart Car Italy

Image – Hsing Wei

Sometimes it’s all about the context, as Mixmastamik points out: “Smart cars look awesome going around Florence and Rome, but every time I see one in the States, I wanna grab 4 of my friends and move it somewhere else.”

Mvduin agreed: “It seems to me we just don’t have any cities that really call for them in the States. I’d totally have one (or another micro car, though I’d probably go Fiat 500) if I lived in one of the ‘these streets were made for horses’ cities in Europe.”

Overly Modded Audis

Audi near Canyon

Image – Josh Sniffen

For some users it’s not the car they hate, but what some drivers do to them. Kenbrellfan loves Audis but not modified ones: “I absolutely love their minimalist German styling, but I hate that they’ve recently become the cool car to have for young males. Every 16-23 year old male has an Audi dropped on $100 springs, with stickers on the back window and ugly rims.”

Another purist, chiralcompound, agrees: “The only visual mods that are acceptable are subtle ones. Stickers and the like are an extremely tacky addition to what is an otherwise aesthetically perfect machine.”

If you want to read more, you can find the original Reddit thread here (please note that it contains some profanities).

Do you agree or disagree with any of these? Leave your view or suggest another car you love to hate in the comments!

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