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Car Safety

Safety is key, but how do you ensure that your car is safe? There are several ways to ensure that your car is safe before and after purchasing your vehicle. If you’re buying a used car it’s important to run a CARFAX report to check the background history of the vehicle. Another precautionary measure is getting the car inspected by a trusted mechanic. After buying your car there are ways to stay updated on any new information about vehicles on the road through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Look for car recalls on vehicles or vehicle parts that have been discovered since a vehicle was released on the market at websites such as CARFAX’s Vehicle Safety and Reliability Recalls. It may be something as small as a floor mat that prevents a driver from safely operating a car, no part is insignificant. The great thing is that in most cases defective parts will be replaced or fixed for free.

Car Reliability Ratings

Car safety ratings have been created to more thoroughly ensure the safety of vehicles beyond what is required by the government. Thanks to people that care about the well-being of others and highway safety, there are government organizations, like the NHTSA, that are set up to reduce the number and severity of car accidents. They have established a 5-Star Safety Rating through NHTSA’s that allows people to look up a specific type of car to see what safety rating it has been given between one and five, 1 being the lowest rating and 5 being the highest. The 5-Star Safety Rating is the result of a comprehensive examination of a car after completing a front crash test, a side crash test, and a rollover test. NHTSA isn’t the only organization that tests and rates vehicles, however, NHTSA differentiates their car ratings by testing a car’s resistance to rolling over. The rollover test simply examines how likely it is for a vehicle to rollover, and with the large number of SUVs on the road this has become an important element to test. The rigorous crash tests that are performed create the basis for the 5-Star Safety Ratings which improve the overall safety and reveal a vehicle’s true reliability ratings.

*Before buying any used car, get a mechanic’s inspection, a CARFAX Vehicle History Report and take a test drive to help ensure a great purchase when buying a safe car.

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