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Warren Clarke is a writer who has penned numerous automotive articles for sites such as He loves cars and the wonderful service they provide and has a happy and faithful relationship with his personal vehicle spanning more than 10 years. He enjoys offering consumers helpful advice regarding car shopping, car buying and car ownership.

5 Life-Saving Car Safety Features

Car safety has evolved well beyond seatbelts and airbags, though these basic safeguards are still extremely important. The most exciting safety developments in recent years concern the rise of driver-assistive technology. These systems use lasers, radar and other technology to provide flawless support for drivers, sensing hazards they may have missed and working to actively … Continue reading 5 Life-Saving Car Safety Features

4 Stellar Wheelchair-Friendly Used Cars

If you rely on a wheelchair for mobility, this fact will play a significant role in your vehicle-purchase decision. Fortunately, shopping with this consideration in mind doesn’t have to be limiting, since there are many vehicles on the market offering the roominess and versatility wheelchair users require. You don’t have to pay a bundle to … Continue reading 4 Stellar Wheelchair-Friendly Used Cars