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Warren Clarke

I got my start in automotive journalism working as an editor at Edmunds.com. Since then, I've had work published in outlets such as the New York Daily News, Car & Driver, Credit Karma, AARP and Ride by Kelley Blue Book. I've written automotive content that includes everything from model overviews to consumer advice articles, and I enjoy providing readers with information that can simplify and enhance their lives. I'm based in Los Angeles.

car with heart

Car Donation Guide

If you have an older car that you’re ready to part ways with, car donation is an option worth considering. Here’s how it works.

2021 Hennessey Venom F5

10 Fastest Cars in the World

The fastest cars include screamers that can top 300 mph and rocket to 60 mph in under 3 seconds. If you’re lucky to find one of these supercars new or used, you’ll need deep pockets to afford it.

Nissan R32 GT-R

What Is a JDM Car?

For many car lovers, Japan is a magical place home to tons of cool vehicles. So how can you get a used JDM car, and make sure it’s a good buy?