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Jim Gorzelany

I've been covering cars for more than 30 years, with 17 of those spent as automotive editor for Consumers Digest magazine. I specialize in the vehicle buying and ownership experience, with a few car reviews thrown in for good measure. My work has been featured in print publications including Forbes, Chicago Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Executive Travel and Muscle & Fitness, as well as websites including Forbes.com and Carfax.com. My weekly “Wheel Deals” newspaper articles are syndicated by CTW Features. I hold a B.A. in Communication from Southern Illinois University and live just outside of Chicago.

Gear Shifter Collage

What Does PRNDL Mean?

Car gear shifters may vary, but the basic functions have remained consistent: Park, Reverse, Neutral, and Drive, part of the PRNDL pattern.

something using a calendar to find the best time to buy a car

5 Best Times to Buy a Car

Knowing the best time to buy a car can save you money. In general, that means shopping when there are car deals available, or when dealers are less busy.

2020 Kia Soul GT Line / Photo Credit: Kia

Good First Cars in 2021

Choosing a first car, whether new or used, is a daunting task. To make it easier, we’ve listed 10 excellent (and fun) choices based on price, features, and more.

Buying a Car

How to Buy a Used Car

This guide outlines the steps to follow for the best used car buying experience. From research to test drives to negotiating, and everything in between.