5 Premium Features to Look for in Your Next Used Luxury Car

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For many people, a luxury car’s appeal has a lot to do with its value as a status symbol. After all, a fancy German nameplate in your driveway makes a statement about your prosperity. For others, a luxury car’s value lies in its feature content. Premium cars are at the front of the line when it comes to offering innovative technology, and the amenities that originate in this category usually trickle down to more affordable mainstream models.
Since new features get introduced each year, this places used cars at a slight disadvantage if you’re shopping for the latest and greatest. Still, if you’re shopping in the used luxury-car segment, here are six premium features to look for in your next used luxury car. All of these amenities are offered across a wide range of luxury models.

1. Ventilated Front Seats

Luxury cars often come with leather upholstery, which adds a premium touch to the interior. It feels great, too, at least until the temperature rises. In hot weather, leather can be too warm for comfort, fostering an unpleasantly swampy environment along your flanks.

(BMW of North America, LLC.)

That”s why you need to indulge in ventilated front seats, which fuse fans to lower surface temperature by pulling warm air away from your body. They can help ensure you never emerge from your car with your slacks sticking to the backs of your thighs.

2. Surround-view Camera

This system expands the range of what you’re able to see from behind the wheel. While rearview cameras are becoming increasingly common, some models have a surround-view camera system that pieces together images from multiple cameras. The result is a clear view of the area immediately surrounding your vehicle.

If you’ve pulled into a parking spot and are wondering if your car is within the lines, a surround-view camera gives you an overhead view of the paint on the pavement. This kind of camera system can also help you avoid mishaps when entering or exiting a parking spot.

3. Dual- or Tri-zone Climate Control

How many times have you set a temperature that feels ideal for you, only to discover that it feels arctic to your significant other riding shotgun? Dual-zone climate control offers a happy solution by allowing the driver and front passenger to set separate temperature settings for the cabin’s climate. This boosts comfort, helps you avoid arguments and possibly saves you from a night of sleeping on the couch.

(Ford Motor Company)

If you have rear-seat passengers who like to have a say in this issue, consider a car with tri-zone climate control, which allows those seated in back to choose their own climate settings.

4. Adaptive Headlights

This feature adds welcome clarity to nighttime driving by using your steering inputs to identify turns in the road. The lights then turn with the steering wheel, aiming their glow in a direction that follows the bend. This allows you to drive with more confidence after the sun sets.


5. Heated Front Seats

It’s easy to understand why heated front seats add value in cold climates. This amenity warms the seats to a toasty temperature when you’re behind the wheel on a frosty day. Nevertheless, even if your weather is more balmy than icy, you’ll find this ideal relief for your chronically sore back. Look for them not only up front, but in rear seats as well. And some luxury cars even add a heated steering wheel to the mix, ensuring you mitts are as toasty as your back.

(BMW of North America, LLC.)

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