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City driving often means dealing with narrow streets and heavy traffic. Navigating cramped roadways clogged with vehicles can make for a challenging experience, and keeping your wits about you becomes much more important.

Recent advances in technology can help mitigate the hazards of city driving. These features bring crucial safety benefits that can help you avoid collisions and drive with greater confidence.

We’ve identified four essential technology features for city driving. If you’re shopping for a car and plan to spend lots of time on the road, it’s a good idea to choose a model that is equipped with these amenities.

1. Bluetooth Connectivity

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, distracted driving causes roughly nine fatalities each day in the U.S. Additionally, more than 1,000 people are injured daily in accidents caused by distracted drivers.

A big source of driver distraction is hand-held cell phones. In many states, it’s illegal to hold a phone while driving.

While it’s best to avoid speaking on the phone while driving, that’s not always possible. Bluetooth connectivity minimizes the distraction by allowing you to receive important calls without taking your hands off the wheel. In other words, you don’t break the law or compromise your safety.

2. Blind Spot Warning

Lane changes in city traffic can be treacherous. Sometimes, the frustration from being trapped in gridlock causes you to make unsafe maneuvers when trying to squeeze your way into traffic. And there are times when vehicles in adjacent lanes escape your view because they’re in your blind spot.

A blind spot warning system can be tremendously helpful. This technology typically uses radar to detect whether there’s a vehicle in your path when you’re making a lane change. If the system determines that you’re about to make a lane change that’s unsafe, it issues an auditory and/or visual alert.

3. Rear Cross-traffic Alert

Parking in a crowded lot can be fraught with peril, but sometimes making your way out of the space can be even more challenging. If you’re backing into a roadway, it can be difficult to determine whether there’s oncoming traffic.

Rear cross-traffic alert is a feature that’s your ally in these circumstances. This technology employs radar to scope out the roadway when you’re backing into traffic. If there’s a car or a pedestrian approaching, the system alerts you.

Rear cross-traffic alert can provide you with information that might not be visible to the naked eye. For example, if you’re backing out close to a corner or an intersection, traffic approaching from around the bend will not be within your line of vision. The hidden oncoming traffic easily will be detected by the radar.

Some rear cross-traffic alert systems come with technology that will automatically apply the brakes if the driver doesn’t respond in a timely manner after a warning.

4. Forward Collision Warning and Mitigation

You have to expect the unexpected when driving on city streets. Pedestrians and vehicles may suddenly veer into your path, putting you in a situation in which you have minimal time to hit the brakes.

Forward collision warning and mitigation is a driver-assistive technology that can be of vital assistance. These systems use radar or laser technology to detect obstacles in your vehicle’s path, and they issue a warning letting you know that a collision will occur if you don’t apply the brakes. If you are slow to respond, this technology will jump in and automatically hit the brakes.

This valuable driver-assistive feature offers the help you need to stay safe when dealing with unpredictable conditions on city streets.

Drive Safe

City driving requires keen attention to avoid mishaps on the road.

These driver-assistive technologies give you critical support that can help you foster safer travels on urban streets.

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