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Midsize sedans are popular with car shoppers who need family transportation, and the Toyota Camry has long been a top seller in this segment. The Camry succeeds because it does a masterful job of meeting the core requirements of family-car shoppers. It offers good fuel economy, spacious accommodations in both rows and a forgiving, comfortable ride quality.

You can save money by purchasing a used Camry. Depreciation can help you achieve big savings when buying on the used market.

Reliability is a key factor to consider when evaluating used cars. The Camry has a solid reputation for providing dependable performance, but there are certain model years that stand out when it comes to delivering sterling reliability. Knowing which models earn this distinction can be helpful as you identify the used Camry best suited for your household.

Another point to consider is that the Camry’s range of available feature content has grown more expansive over the years. Certain features that are common in recent models may not be available on older used cars. If there are certain amenities that are important to you, you’ll need to limit your search to Camry sedans that offer this content.

With the previously discussed points in mind, we offer three tips for purchasing a used Camry.

Toyota Camry 2011

1. Know that the 2011 and 2014 Camry sedans have received accolades for reliability. One of the best ways to get a handle on a vehicle’s reliability is to have a talk with current owners. This is exactly the approach J.D. Power has taken.

Every year,  J.D. Power surveys car owners to get a sense of how their vehicles have held up over time. In the company’s 2017 survey, the 2014 Camry received a perfect five stars for overall dependability. This score was higher than that of any other midsize sedan, making it the segment’s top choice. The 2014 Camry also scored a perfect five stars when it comes to the dependability of its powertrain, body, interior, features and accessories.

The Camry also was voted the best midsize sedan in a 2014 J.D. Power survey, with the accolade going to the 2011 model. As with the 2014 model, this Camry earned a perfect five stars for overall dependability, and it got a five-star rating for the reliability of its powertrain, body, interior, features and accessories.

Toyota’s Camry is known for offering high levels of quality and reliability, and there are many used Camry sedans that have the goods to provide years of satisfying service. Still, if you’re looking for the models that offer the very best dependability, the 2011 and 2014 Camry sedans shine as stellar choices.

2016 Toyota Camry

2. Choose a 2015 or newer Camry to enjoy the broadest range of active safety features. Many car shoppers regard active safety features as essential equipment for a family vehicle. These amenities provide drivers with the support they need to help prevent crashes when they’re behind the wheel.

The 2015 Toyota Camry benefited from major upgrades that brought in useful driver-assistive technology. Previous Camry sedans offered a blind-spot monitor and rear cross-traffic alert. The sedan’s 2015 model expanded this range of active safety features to include lane-departure alert, adaptive cruise control and forward-collision mitigation.

If you want to get the most current array of driver-assistive technology, limit your Camry search to models that are 2015 and newer.

2012 Toyota Camry

3. Know that the Camry’s seventh generation represents a big step up in cabin quality. The Camry entered its seventh generation with the 2012 model. This car got upgrades that make its cabin significantly more upscale than that of its predecessor. High-quality materials and a soft-touch dash add premium flair to the seventh-generation Camry’s interior.

To benefit from these cabin upgrades, choose a 2012 or newer Camry sedan.

Best of the Best

The Camry is a superb pick among midsize sedans.

It’s easy to make a good choice when buying a Camry. Still, there are some Camry sedans on the used market that will be a better fit for you than others.

The information discussed above will help you find a used Camry whose performance fulfills your expectations.

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