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The ads are almost as entertaining as the offers — purchase a used car at this time of the year and your Christmas wishes will come true. Where children may wish for the latest Star Wars Stormtrooper figure or a Hatchimals interactive creature, us big kids may have our eyes on finding new transportation covered by an enormous red bow sitting in the driveway.
Affording a new car at this time of the year may be beyond the reach of some consumers, but luckily there are late model used cars still under warranty that cost thousands less than a new ride. The season is festive, the savings are significant, and the opportunities are just waiting for the taking.

Your Holiday Used Car Deals Primer

As soon as November, many manufacturers have their year-end offers in place — both for new inventory and certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles. You’ve probably seen the ads accompanying your search results as you scour the internet for deals. Radio, television and direct mail advertisements are apparent too.

The current deals are in place through at least the end of the year, with most set to end on January 3, 2017, the day when manufacturers finalize sales for the 2016 calendar year. Just as manufacturers vie for a greater slice of the new car market, they’re also busy helping dealers move out older inventory comprised of trade-ins, end-of-lease models and fleet vehicles. As used car inventories rise the offers routinely improve, and clogged dealer lots can mean bargains are waiting.

The Current Used Car Offers

Finding incentives is not a difficult task. Beyond the ads, a visit to a manufacturer’s website will turn up the latest deals. You can also check out our Used Car Deals for December. Some offers are national, while others are presented on a regional or local basis.

Deals from such mainstream brands as Chevrolet, Nissan, Ford, Buick, Subaru, GMC, Volkswagen and Hyundai are in place until early next year. Kia has an offer for used Sorento and Optima models. Toyota is an example of a manufacturer who’s deals often vary by region.

Luxury brands are also adhering to a Jan. 3, 2017 cut-off date for their holiday incentives. You can find deals on Lincoln, Audi, Jaguar, Infiniti, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Land Rover products.

Deals From Mainstream Brands

As for the mainstream brands, you may like what each one has to offer. Chevrolet’s deal covers all CPO inventory and includes 1.9 percent financing on the entire CPO stock. General Motors is offering the same deal on Buick and GMC inventory, giving shoppers much to consider over the coming weeks.

Nissan’s deal gives 1.95-percent financing for up to 36 months on any 2012-2016 CPO model. If you want a longer loan, that rate rises to 2.95 percent for 72 months. Hyundai’s offer covers all CPO Elantra and Sonata models. Here, you may qualify for 0.9 percent financing for up to 48 months or 1.9 percent financing for 60 months.

Subaru’s offer provides 0.99 percent financing for all 2011-2016 CPO models. That’s six model years of previously owned vehicles that qualify for this offer.

Upgrade to a Luxury Car

Your dreams of someday owning a luxury car may be just that: a dream. Fortunately, the CPO market makes owning a premium vehicle attainable for more consumers. What may seem out of your grasp to purchase new could be within your reach if you consider a used luxury car.

Happily, luxury brands routinely run their own CPO specials, with deals that rival the offers from mainstream brands. For example, Lincoln is offering 2.99 percent financing on its entire stock of CPO vehicles. Infiniti’s offer includes 0.99 percent financing for up to 36 months on all 2010-2016 CPO vehicles.

BMW’s 0.9 percent financing deal is for 72 months and covers the 2013 and 2014 CPO 3 Series. Mercedes-Benz’s deals include 1.99 percent financing for 48 months on select models, and one offer includes complimentary pre-paid maintenance.

Audi is offering 1.9 percent financing on all 2013-2015 models, excluding the R8.

‘Tis the Season for Big Savings

Newer CPO offers may also come with the balance of the new car or powertrain warranties. In some cases, manufacturers extend or amend warranties to provide extra coverage. Check out our Certified Pre-owned Cars page for full details on the programs offered by each manufacturer.

If buying a late-model used car at this time of the year appeals to you, check out our Used Car Listings. Only vehicles with a CARFAX Vehicle History Report are featured, providing you with important details to help you make an informed purchase decision.

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