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Every 0% APR Car Deal in January 2023

2020 Ford Escape
2022 Ford Escape / Credit: Ford

Every No-Interest Car Deal Available in January

To help save you money, we’ve tracked down every 0% APR new car financing deal available this month. We organized the deals by brand and they come directly from each manufacturer’s website.

Financing with an interest rate of zero means you won’t pay any interest on the money you borrow. This can save you thousands of dollars over the life of a loan. Even with a low-interest loan, say 3% on a $25,000 vehicle, you’ll end up paying $32 in interest per month. Over 60 months, that’s nearly $2,000. (Learn how to finance a car and use Carfax’s auto loan calculator to determine your monthly payment with and without interest.)

This month, there are fewer 0 APR offers available than in any other month to date. Bonus cash has been eliminated, in most cases. Consider this: In December, there were fewer than 15 zero-percent financing deals, and there are only five so far this month. Two are fuel-cell vehicles that are only available in California. Two years ago, we listed over 100 models with zero percent financing.

Rising interest rates are making low-interest financing deals more expensive for banks and automakers to offer. Add to that a reduced supply of new cars driven by supply chain disruptions such as the global semiconductor shortage, and automakers aren’t feeling as much pressure to offer deals.

Deals vary by location, so check with your dealer to make sure these offers are available in your area. You will likely need an excellent credit score to qualify for a 0% financing deal.

Ford 0% APR Deals

  • Edge – 0% for up to 72 months plus up to $3,000 bonus cash
  • Escape – 0% for 36 months
  • Explorer – 0% for 36 months
  • F-150 – 0% financing for 36 months plus up to $1,000 bonus cash

Not available in all regions. Expires January 31, 2023.

Hyundai 0% APR Deals

Not available in all regions. Expires January 31, 2023

Toyota 0% APR Deals

  • Mirai – 0% financing for 72 months

Not available in all regions. Expires January 31, 2023

More Deals on New and Used Cars

Most of the best incentives have disappeared, so it may be wise to take advantage of these offers sooner rather than later.

Some brands are still offering appealing lease deals, and leasing may be a better option for some people since it typically means a lower monthly payment and lower out-of-pocket costs.

Buying a used car can save you even more money. Some automakers have excellent financing offers and deferred auto loan payments on certified pre-owned cars. To learn more, check out the best used car deals this month.

You can also see what’s available near you by searching Carfax Used Car Listings. Every car comes with a free Carfax Vehicle History Report to help you better understand each vehicle’s maintenance record and whether there’s been any damage reported.

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