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Service Shops in Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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58 Verified Reviews
49 users favorited this shop
2050 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA
Top Makes & Services:


Exhaust & Muffler Service • Oil Change • Tire Service & Repair • Auto Maintenance • Brake Service

"I appreciate the responsiveness, attention to deta..."
4/28/2021Read More
"Paul is an superb man who always strives for excel..."
4/21/2021Read More
12 Verified Reviews
15 users favorited this shop
507 Lockhart St, Pittsburgh, PA
Top Makes & Services:

Ford • Chevrolet • Honda • Toyota • Subaru

Oil Change • Tire Service & Repair • Brake Service • Auto Maintenance • Tire Rotation

"Excellent customer service, unexpected same day se..."
5/2/2021Read More
"Always receive excellent service at Lockhart Tire"
1/9/2021Read More
0 Verified Reviews
2416 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh, PA
Top Makes & Services:

Nissan • Hyundai • Chevrolet • Toyota • Ford

Oil Change

25 Verified Reviews
11 users favorited this shop
164 39th St, Pittsburgh, PA
Top Makes & Services:

BMW • Toyota

Tire Service & Repair • Oil Change • Auto Maintenance • Exhaust & Muffler Service • Engine Service & Repair

"Excellent Shop and service"
5/7/2021Read More
"My Go To for all my vehicle needs. I refer every B..."
4/22/2021Read More
104 Verified Reviews
125 users favorited this shop
4709 Baum Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA
Top Makes & Services:


Exhaust & Muffler Service • Tire Service & Repair • Steering & Suspension • Oil Change • Tire Rotation

"I was in and out at no time. Great service"
4/22/2021Read More
"Employees where very courteous and informative. S..."
3/31/2021Read More
1 Verified Review
2 users favorited this shop
4740 Baum Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA
"Kalven did everything I needed and had great avail..."
4/3/2019Read More
3 Verified Reviews
55 Amanda Ave, Pittsburgh, PA
"Great work and great employees"
3/23/2021Read More
"Good service station will be returning"
3/22/2021Read More
93 Verified Reviews
174 users favorited this shop
4801 Baum Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA
Top Makes & Services:

BMW • Mini

Auto Maintenance • Oil Change • Tire Service & Repair • Exhaust & Muffler Service • Brake Service

"No problem- had rear brakes replaced including rot..."
5/12/2021Read More
"Good. No issues other than it was a bit pricey."
4/4/2021Read More
70 Verified Reviews
306 users favorited this shop
931 S Millvale Ave, Pittsburgh, PA
Top Makes & Services:

Honda • Toyota • Ford • Chevrolet • Subaru

Tire Rotation • Tire Service & Repair • Oil Change • Exhaust & Muffler Service • Safety Inspection

"Very nice and helpful service"
4/25/2021Read More
"The service was good. However, they made me want 3..."
4/23/2021Read More
This service shop takes scheduled appointments
7 Verified Reviews
5 users favorited this shop
293 Corliss St, Pittsburgh, PA
Top Makes & Services:

Chevrolet • Ford • Nissan • Dodge • Hyundai

Safety Inspection • Exhaust & Muffler Service • Oil Change • Brake Service • Auto Maintenance

"Great place. Will go back again."
4/15/2021Read More
"mechanics are pleasant and get the job done in a t..."
3/16/2021Read More
2 Verified Reviews
1701 W Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA
"They have great service advisor, very accomodating..."
3/8/2021Read More
"Tech didn't use seat cover,, grease smudges on cen..."
1/18/2021Read More