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Service Shops in Minneapolis, MN 55405

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38 Verified Reviews
34 users favorited this shop
328 Cedar Lake Rd S, Minneapolis, MN
Top Makes & Services:

Toyota • Chevrolet • Ford • Honda • Subaru

Oil Change • Auto Maintenance • Tire Service & Repair • Engine Service & Repair • Brake Service

"Great as always.Price was very reasonable."
4/21/2021Read More
"Jason is great to work with. He is helpful and hon..."
3/22/2021Read More
10 Verified Reviews
8 users favorited this shop
207 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis, MN
Top Makes & Services:

Volkswagen • Audi • BMW

Oil Change • Engine Service & Repair • Tire Service & Repair • Auto Maintenance • Brake Service

"Tristan and the crew continue to knock it out of t..."
4/28/2021Read More
"Further does some of the best work in MN."
11/24/2020Read More
13 Verified Reviews
4 users favorited this shop
1200 Glenwood Ave, Minneapolis, MN
"my experiance was great. I even SAVED money!"
4/7/2021Read More
"Great local shop they are very informative and alw..."
3/16/2021Read More
15 Verified Reviews
44 users favorited this shop
2311 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN
Top Makes & Services:

Toyota • Honda • Chevrolet • Subaru • Ford

Oil Change • Brake Service • Engine Service & Repair • Auto Maintenance

"When my car seemed to be having electrical trouble..."
1/15/2021Read More
"Quick service, clear communication"
5/27/2020Read More
61 Verified Reviews
281 users favorited this shop
2401 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN
Top Makes & Services:

Toyota • Chevrolet • Honda • Ford • Nissan

Oil Change • Auto Maintenance

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"Good group of guys working together. Great custome..."
4/24/2021Read More
"The attendant was rude. Told me to get in a line w..."
3/12/2021Read More
41 Verified Reviews
64 users favorited this shop
2217 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN
Top Makes & Services:

Toyota • Honda • Chevrolet • Ford • Subaru

Oil Change • Brake Service • Auto Maintenance • Tire Service & Repair • Steering & Suspension

"Great service and very fast"
4/29/2021Read More
"Great shop. Have had my two vehicles serviced for..."
4/21/2021Read More
11 Verified Reviews
10 users favorited this shop
95 W 14th St, Minneapolis, MN
Top Makes & Services:

Chevrolet • Ford • Toyota • Dodge • Jeep

Oil Change • Auto Maintenance • Engine Service & Repair • Exhaust & Muffler Service • Battery Service

"Very nice people excellent service. Would recommen..."
4/3/2021Read More
"BUFFALO TRANSMISSION is one of the best in Buffalo..."
3/19/2021Read More
9 Verified Reviews
2809 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN
"They are great car dudes. Im glad I have a place w..."
4/27/2021Read More
"They were amazing and helpful. Prices were so rea..."
4/19/2021Read More
16 Verified Reviews
33 users favorited this shop
1820 Quentin Ave, Minneapolis, MN
Top Makes & Services:

Fiat • Alfa romeo

Oil Change • Auto Maintenance • Brake Service • Tire Service & Repair • Tire Rotation

"Everyone I talked to was kind and helpful. I was e..."
1/3/2021Read More
"They hand washed my little car. They installed my..."
12/31/2020Read More
17 Verified Reviews
15 users favorited this shop
2749 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN
Top Makes & Services:

Toyota • Honda • Ford • Chevrolet • Subaru

Auto Maintenance • Tire Rotation • Tire Service & Repair • Oil Change • Engine Service & Repair

"Always get great service at any of the Nelson's lo..."
3/31/2021Read More
"Quick, reliable service! The shop manager, Doug, i..."
12/5/2020Read More
4 Verified Reviews
1428 N 3rd St, Minneapolis, MN
"Amazing service! Great customer service, speedy an..."
3/23/2021Read More
"Best service Ive had on my BMW. Dana is great"
2/1/2021Read More
5 Verified Reviews
609 E Grant St, Minneapolis, MN
"2nd time getting my windows tinted here. Perfect..."
5/7/2021Read More
"I ha e been a loyal customer for 20yrs."
4/18/2021Read More
This service shop takes scheduled appointments
98 Verified Reviews
274 users favorited this shop
2370 Highway 100 S, Saint Louis Park, MN
Top Makes & Services:


Oil Change • Tire Service & Repair • Battery Service • Tire Rotation • Auto Maintenance

"have service my vehicle for past 10 years at Luthe..."
4/25/2021Read More
"Poor customer service. Car had a leak above passen..."
4/16/2021Read More
36 Verified Reviews
128 users favorited this shop
3011 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN
Top Makes & Services:

Chevrolet • Toyota • Ford • Honda • Dodge

Tire Service & Repair

"had a couple nails in a tire, brought it in and th..."
4/1/2021Read More
"The service was fabulous as always is !"
1/29/2021Read More