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by 2005 FORD FOCUS ZXW Owner on 09/14/2023Verified Service
Import Auto took great care of my car. They always look out for their customer and if they can save the customer money they will. They don't do unnecessary repairs which makes me feel confident in any recommendations they make. They are the best auto repair shop in Utah!
by 2017 SUBARU OUTBACK 2.5I PREMIUM Owner on 07/24/2023Verified Service
The people at Import 100% know what they are doing--Bryan and all the techs are EXPERTS, and they are HONEST, they communicate well while they have your car in, let you know what actually needs to be done, and always give you a fair price! Gabby and Jake are outstanding out front! Honestly, I wouldn't take my cars ANYWHERE else!!
by Gabby on 08/04/2023
Thank you so so much for not only the glowing recommendation but bringing to light how much you appreciate all of the technology we use to get the most accurate answers when diagnosing issues! Especially with Subaru vehicles, as they can be misleading at times and we do not believe in performing repairs without knowledge first. We surely hope all is well with your Subaru and please know we are here for you and your vehicle in the future!
by 2012 VOLKSWAGEN CC SPORT/R-LINE Owner on 03/09/2023Verified Service
From the first phone call to schedule repairs, I knew from the very professional phone etiquette that Import Auto was the real deal. They are very communicative throughout the entire process. They provided videos of their findings and a thorough estimate. No pressure at all for the repairs. They gave a 10% discount on labor with AAA membership which was nice. They stand behind their work. Highly recommended for any import work!
by 2015 AUDI Q7 PREMIUM PLUS Owner on 08/21/2023Verified Service
Love working with the people a Import Auto! They're fast, efficient, and listen to my needs to better take care of my car.
by 2011 MINI COOPER JOHN COOPER WORKS Owner on 08/05/2023Verified Service
Great service and fast turnaround. Very good place for foreign car service. They make things right that the dealers mess up and for less money. Jake and Gabby are great, knowledgeable and kind. Everyone needs great mechanics. Highly recommended.
by 2005 FORD FOCUS ZXW Owner on 07/25/2023Verified Service
Import Auto was great. They found the problem quickly and fixed it. As always, I appreciate their help and all the work they put in to keep my car in great shape.
by Gabby on 08/04/2023
Thank you so much for always leaving a positive review for us. We appreciate you and your business so much!
by 2005 FORD FOCUS ZXW Owner on 05/17/2023Verified Service
Excellent service as always. They explain everything and answer all your questions. I wouldn't take my car anywhere else.
by 2019 LEXUS RX 350 BASE/350 F-SPORT Owner on 12/28/2022Verified Service
I was really satisfied with the maintenance work and the repair work Import Auto provided on my 2011 Jetta for me. Started taking my wife's car for maintenance visits. 2019 Lexus, same good feeling of satisfaction and appreciation.
by 2017 AUDI Q5 PROGRESSIV/S-LINE Owner on 10/13/2022Verified Service
Import Auto in Logan UT has provided us excellent service at a more reasonable price We recently had our transmission serviced Thanks Import Auto
by Jake on 11/28/2022
Thank you for trusting us to Service your Audi Q5! We know that the Routine Maintenance we perform is what helps keep your Audi on the road trouble free and we are honored you chose and continue to choose us to Maintain your Audi.
by 2008 VOLVO XC70 Owner on 08/23/2022Verified Service
Since moving to northern Utah import auto has been awesome for servicing my Volvo where other options were hours away. Unfortunately due to the age of the car this last visit the repairs were more than what the car was worth. On an errand last night it died. Fortuitously right after I had completed the purchase of a new car. These guys have been great to me.
by Jake on 11/28/2022
We are so sorry to hear about the death of the Volvo. Thank you for letting us help you with it through out the years. Hopefully the new vehicle treats you well and we will be here if you need us again. Thanks.
by 2005 FORD FOCUS ZXW Owner on 03/14/2022Verified Service
All the staff were very friendly and helpful. In addition to the oil change, my car always gets checked to make sure there are no issues that need immediate attention. It makes you feel very safe when you go on long trips. Import Auto is the repair place I trust the most for my car in Utah.
by Bryan on 04/12/2022
We love what we do.. And take pride in it... I am so glad it shows
by 2002 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER Owner on 03/13/2022Verified Service
Like us our vehicles are aging. Two things are essential for us: good physicians to care for our health and a good mechanic to care for our cars. Jake and his team are good to us, fitting us in where necessary and doing a good and careful job maintaining our Mini and Land Cruiser. I highly recommend this group.
by Bryan on 04/12/2022
It has been such a pleasure working with you to keep your cars on the road. We appreciate you taking the time to review us... Next time your in.. I need to get a short list of good Docs :)
by 2015 FORD FLEX LIMITED Owner on 10/13/2020Verified Service
Can't do a one star. They were courteous. However they kept my car for 5 days with no communication, on the 5th day, said they couldn't get the part. They had one there they could try, but wouldn't test before, only install to see if it would fail. So the fault is on the manufacturers that they ship and produce faulty alternators, as much as the fault of Import Auto.
by Bryan on 12/17/2020
Hello, I am sorry that your repairs did not go as planned. With your particular Ford Electrical system it does require a factory alternator. Yes aftermarket alternators have not been up to the job. We offered to replace it with a factory alternator. The only parts that were available in a timely manner would have led to warranty issues and your being stranded again. Hopefully your new Ford Alternator will keep you on the road.
by 2005 FORD FOCUS ZXW Owner on 09/08/2020Verified Service
Always very friendly and helpful. Everything is explained well on the repairs that were done. They don't try to sell you any unnecessary maintenance like many other places. They always find the cause for a problem. Best place in town to bring your car. I wouldn't take my car anywhere else.
by Bryan on 09/22/2020
It has been an honor taking care of your Ford Focus for so many years. Servicing your Transmission and those leaking lines will keep you out of trouble and maintain reliability. Thanks again for trusting us with your Focus!
by 2008 NISSAN XTERRA OFF ROAD/S/SE Owner on 05/31/2020Verified Service
Import auto is very helpful - personable, professional, and they do excellent work leaving me with a feeling of confidence that my car has been serviced well and is as good as new. I thank them very much. They checked the cars' systems very thoroughly to make sure I wouldn't be facing disaster on the road. The news turned out good, which is really good for a 12-yr-old car.
by Bryan on 08/12/2020
Thank you so much for the awesome review! We appreciate the opportunity to keep your Nissan Maintained and Safe. We look forward to seeing you in the future.
by 2000 VOLKSWAGEN EUROVAN CAMPER Owner on 09/22/2019Verified Service
The folks at Import Auto are very responsive to our needs (2000 VW Eurovan) and provide maintenance that extends the life of our camper. From needing to manufacture a custom hose to repair the air conditioning to replacing a headlamp, Bryan, Ron, Jake, and their coworkers offer quality service for reasonable prices.
by Bryan on 01/20/2020
It has been an absolute pleasure keeping you and your Eurovan on the road. Trusting us for your Transmission Repairs and Regular Maintenance has been an honor over the years.
by 2004 HONDA CR-V LX Owner on 08/19/2019Verified Service
The staff at Import Auto work very hard to make sure you have the best experience possible. They are very thorough and help you keep track of everything along the way by e-mailing and printing out all of the work that has been done and needs to be done. Friendly and efficient, I definitely recommend them!
by Bryan on 08/20/2019
Thank you for taking the time to review us on CARFAX. I will be honest the Honda CRV is a vehicle that is close to our hearts. It has been a pleasure building a plan for you balancing Maintenance and Repairs to make sure your CRV and your wallet don't suffer. Thank you for choosing us to complete your Transmission Service.
by 2001 SUBARU LEGACY OUTBACK LIMITED Owner on 07/21/2019Verified Service
You guys are awesome!! The work was done in record time - so far everything is working great. The final price was just slightly more than the estimate due to another problem you found - all in all I highly recommend import auto for repairs. I will be back.
by Bryan on 07/22/2019
Thank you for taking the time to review us on CarFax. We are proud to be a preferred shop, and proud to keep you and your Subaru on the road. Thanks again!
by 2004 BMW Z4 2.5I Owner on 11/15/2015Verified Service
Went in to have a CD removed form the player, they looked at it, put the scope on it and said it would cost over $200.00 to remove. Charged me $20.00 for something that should have been a courtesy after doing a bad job on an alignment that made me replace 2 tires, which they would not even pay half of.
by Bryan on 04/12/2022
I am sorry that we failed to deliver to your expectations. Looking forward to making it up to you next time
by 2018 BMW X1 XDRIVE28I Owner on 09/13/2023Verified Service
Great service every time we take our vehicle to Import Auto
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Based on CARFAX Service History, Import Auto specializes in these services, in addition to many others.

  • Auto Maintenance
  • Battery Service
  • Brake Service
  • Check Engine Light Diagnosis
  • Electrical Repair
  • Emissions Inspection
  • Engine Service & Repair
  • Exhaust
  • Full Service Auto Repair
  • Mechanical Repair
  • Oil Change
  • Safety Inspection
  • Steering & Suspension
  • Tire Service & Repair
  • Transmission Service & Repair
  • Wheel Alignment

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Based on CARFAX Service History, Import Auto specializes in these makes, in addition to many others.

  • Audi Services
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  • Complimentary Drinks
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What do verified customers think about Import Auto in Logan, UT? Verified customers who visit Import Auto in Logan, UT rate this business 4.9 out of 5 stars, with 140 reviews. 1,136 customers favorited this location.
How can I contact Import Auto in Logan, UT? To reach the service department at Import Auto in Logan, UT, call (435) 253-5966
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What are the shop amenities offered by Import Auto in Logan, UT? Import Auto in Logan, UT offers the following amenities: Complimentary Drinks, Courtesy Shuttle and Free Wi-Fi.