2012 Volkswagen Jetta Review

2012 Volkswagen Jetta photo
  1. Original MSRP$15,515 - $29,220
  2. Price Range$7,278 - $11,995
  3. Average Selling Price$9,801
  4. Fuel Economy (MPG)24/34 City/Hwy
  5. Body StylesSedan, Wagon

User Reviews for 2012 Volkswagen Jetta

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by DanL on August 5, 2018

I love this car though it's not perfect
"This is a very good quality, reliable car that is fun to drive. It has enough power to give you confidence but not enough power to be sporty. The handling and breaking are very good. Turning radius is very tight. Seats are stiff and not very comfortable though the driver seat softened up with use. Fit and finish are high quality."
Fit and finish. Layout of dash and instrument panel. Simple controls.
I think this is a sporty, attractive exterior.
Fun to drive but would need 20% more power to be considered sporty. Good handling and breaking. Tight turning radius.
Reliable. But seats are stiff and not very comfortable and rear seat room is tight for tall people.
I purchased it at a good price so value was high.

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by Maurice1029 on May 19, 2018

My Jetta
"I bought this car used with 61330 miles. So far is car has been good. I have done general maintenance on this car. I'm waiting to see what my gas mileage will be after all the maintenance I have done. I will update soon"

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by Hari on July 18, 2017

Jetta S
"Car is neat, clean and reliable. Even though its manual transmission car it feels comfortable in driving. If you are looking for car with basic features and good drivability, Jetta is good choice."

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by Marlene on October 31, 2015

"Very nice car in near-fine condition (just a few scratches in general); once cosmetic defect - a jagged small hole in the rear bumper, driver's side, which we will have replaced next year. Good acceleration and power (2.5 L engine, S model). Good, smooth ride and relatively quiet cabin, lots of extras (moon roof, which closes fortunately), heated seats and backs, front; good media options, etc., etc. "
Leather seats - had grown used to them with my last car and like much better than upholstered.

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by GP on October 7, 2015

"I bought it because I was looking for a solid, reliable and affordable used car. It runs smoothly and is very dependable. I bought it in very good condition, this one came with winter tires. I had it inspected by my mechanic before buying it. It had an oil leak at the throttle body, with oil leaking unto the exhaust manifold/cover. The problem was the hose feeding the oil was a bit too wide, and was easily fixed by replacing the defective hose (the car was still under warranty so it was free)."

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by SEL on September 10, 2015

"Love driving this car. Its a high trim of Jetta. The only complain i have is it does not have automatic lights which can get really annoying."

by Klyph on August 31, 2015

"Overall quality, looks, and performance are very good. Solid German engineering throughout the car. CONS: No accessory setting on ignition, in order to hear the radio - must have the battery fully engaged (vents, full dashboard, etc)."

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by Tim on August 30, 2015

"Excellent mileage, interior is in great shape, and the body will probably do well since it's only 3 years old. Mileage is high, but that should be ok for a diesel (I just sold one that had 260k miles and the engine was still strong.)"

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by FRODO4EVA on May 21, 2015

"I purchased a 2012 Jetta GLI with Autobahn package and cannot be happier. I owned a 2010 GTI and love this GLI better - has the same engine and more. Fun to drive, fast, comfortable and spacious, and built with the usual German ingenuity. The care comes with the "Fender" audio package - the sound is better than ANY car I experienced, even than much more expensive models - well done VW! Engines like these can always use a little more punch but it still produces a wow factor. The shifter could be a little more punchy and you cannot disengage the traction control which hinders takeoffs, but its not built for that. It is built for driving pleasure and to have the speed upon request. Could not recommend it more."

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by #CHRRRRPLIFE on February 9, 2015

"I was looking for a used mid-2000s Passat TDI, and everything with low mileage (under 60,000) was selling for almost as much as I found my 2012 for. I wasn't looking to spend as much as I did, but it was well worth the money. This is the first car I've bought (and I have bought over 30) that I didn't have any buyers remorse. I wish I had bought a TDI a decade ago. The advertised highway MPG of 42 is way too low. I've never had a freeway tank go less than 46 mpg, and I usually average 43.5 mixed. "

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by KAM on December 31, 2014

"My buddy's life was saved by an earlier year Jetta. It was time for me to get something to replace a winter beater that died and I decided to finally love myself and get this gem. 2012, 33,000 miles on the 2.0 TDI, 6spd manual. No real bells and whistles above power windows, doors. heated seats etc. my first drive was across FL and up just north of Tampa. Topped it off next morning and drive it 476.7 miles on 1/2 tank. Driving through the mountains I only got 48+ mpg. When I want to be sporty, it's sporty, when it's not the fuel economy is there. It's great."

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by DAVID on December 13, 2014

"Fun car to drive. Great gas mileage. "

CARFAX Info for 2012 Volkswagen Jetta
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2012 Volkswagen Jetta Deals on CARFAX
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2012 Volkswagen Jetta Pricing

The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is the "sticker price" for this vehicle, including optional equipment, when it was new. The price range for the 2012 Volkswagen Jetta is $7,278 - $11,995. The average selling price is $9,801. The data below is updated daily, based on used car inventory for sale on CARFAX. Price range and average selling price are based on the median selling price while CARFAX Value is a VIN-specific value based on the vehicle's history.

Original MSRP
$15,515 - $29,220
Price Range
$7,278 - $11,995
Average Selling Price
$5,840 - $15,330
Want to check your car's history-based value?
2012 Volkswagen Jetta Pricing By Trim
  1. TrimPrice RangeAverage Selling PriceCARFAX Value
  2. Base$5,890 - $7,995$6,938$4,050 - $7,240
  3. S$5,000 - $8,995$7,288$5,550 - $8,990
  4. SE$5,999 - $9,495$7,704$5,420 - $9,910
  5. SEL$7,413 - $11,600$9,070$6,900 - $11,850
  6. GLI$7,303 - $11,995$9,740$8,460 - $12,110

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