2010 Chevrolet Camaro Review

2010 Chevrolet Camaro photo
  1. Original MSRP$22,680 - $33,745
  2. Price Range*$10,998 - $22,490
  3. Average Selling Price*$16,195
  4. Fuel Economy (MPG)17/29 City/Hwy
  5. Body StylesCoupe

User Reviews for 2010 Chevrolet Camaro

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by Black Beauty on May 6, 2018

Black Beauty
"Awesome Performer, eye candy ,very muscular sculpted body , whith a drivetrain of pure harmony , interior that fit's like a glove , "

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by David on November 5, 2017

Nice car
"the reason I bought this car was the performance apt, the color and interior was absolutely not my type. But what can you expect on a muscle V8? "

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by Dave on September 2, 2016

2010 Camaro
"Very nice! I can't say enough good things about the 2010 Camaro LS! It is a great value and anyone looking should grab them while they can! "

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by S Texas on October 1, 2015

"Bought it because I was always a Camaro fan and previous owner of one. I use it as a daily vehicle. Amazing performance and very high reliability. "

by TIM B on June 29, 2015

"Great Muscle Car...not a family car at all so GUYS don't try it. Car produces a staggering 400-425hp and can be tuned for an additional 20hp at the wheels. I recommend turning off the AFM as it drove me nuts. The car handles amazingly and when you step on it you know it! Some people think the roof is too low, but I am 6' tall and don't have a problem sitting in the car if your seat is adjusted correctly...its actually pretty comfortable on long trips. I have the SS (2) model with all the options. I seen some complaints about some of the interior being plastic, but seats, steering wheel, shifter, Etc. are leather and at $39,500 (2010) you have to expect some plastic. It does sit a little low, but I have not bottomed out on anything at all, but like I said it handles very solid. This model holds book value VERY well, mine only has 15,000 miles to date (6-29-15) and its book is $29,200...pretty solid $ for a 5 year old car."

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by CHRIS on June 22, 2015

"Awesome car, fun to drive, back seat is useless but who cares. Corners like its on rails. Don't like the active fuel management but it can be tuned out with a tuner"

by ROCKET CAMARENA on May 15, 2015

"I bought the car to go fast. I appreciate the V8 engine, manual transmission, good handling and did I mention that it's fast. If you cannot determine if anything may be wrong with it by looking at it and driving it, make sure to have a mechanic assess it."

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by BRIANKC on April 6, 2015

"Bought it to have a fun car out of college. I use it as my daily driver in Kansas City. Its my first manual and I don't have any issues with it. The only issue I have with it is averaging 15 mpg. That's because the engine doesn't have time to warm up before I arrive at work. Overall, very fun car and exactly what I was expecting and wanting!"

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by DONOVAN on February 18, 2015

"i purchased the manual drive. the car drives great however when i drop into second gear going around 30-40 hoping to pass a car there is a huge "hiccup" (for lack of better word) before the car accelerates in comparison to other manual drives. also, whie the car sits idle for longer periods of tiem i do notice the car starts to shake. blindspots are also an issue. interior is in uniform with other gm models. not particularly to my liking outside of what is mentioned i purchased primarily for the power and its exterior aesthetics. fast, surprising smooth and its looks speaks for itself. i would give it a 3.5 based on the down shifting which is uber annoying. but i will round up because i do like the car a lot and there is no 3.5 stars. "

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