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2013 Ford F-150
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2014 Ford Explorer Base
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2017 Ford Flex SEL
38 Photos
2013 Ford Focus SE
32 Photos
2015 Ford F-150 XL
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2010 Mazda CX-9 Sport
34 Photos
2015 Ford Fiesta S
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2004 Mercedes-Benz E-Class E 320
33 Photos
2014 Ford Explorer XLT
40 Photos
2015 Ford Fiesta ST
34 Photos
2013 Chevrolet Tahoe LS
1 Photo
2004 Chevrolet SSR
23 Photos
2011 Chevrolet Tahoe LT
40 Photos
2007 Ford Edge SE
29 Photos
2015 Honda Odyssey EX
1 Photo
2016 Ford F-150 Lariat
32 Photos
2014 Ford Flex SE
36 Photos
2016 Nissan Versa Note S Plus
29 Photos
2016 Ford F-150
33 Photos
2017 Cadillac Escalade Premium Luxury
1 Photo
2014 Ford Fiesta SE
1 Photo
2016 Ford Escape S
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2016 Ford Explorer XLT
42 Photos
2016 Ford Escape SE
34 Photos
2011 Nissan Frontier
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Dealer Ratings & Reviews

by 2014 FORD ESCAPE SE Owner on Oct 2018Verified Service
Past three visits were terrible. I had to return after servicing every time due to the dealer would break something else and then say it wasn't them. Luckily I took pics before servicing to show proof of their mistakes.
by 2016 FORD FUSION SE Owner on Oct 2017Verified Service
Craig and the tech great were measured the brake pads not just a site check
by 2012 FORD FOCUS TITANIUM Owner on Oct 2017Verified Service
I was very pleased with the outcome of my appointment. I passed my safety check with flying colors. Pateo in Wailuku said I wouldnt pass my tint inspection although all windows had Ford certified solar tint. Hah! I passed with 31% tint. Happy customer. Thanks Valley Isle Ford!More
by 2010 MAZDA MAZDA3I Owner on Sep 2017Verified Service
Kept bringing it back for recall over several months never got any thing back.
by 2006 FORD F150 Owner on Jul 2017Verified Service
Took my car in for an oil change that costs $39.95. As soon as the service guy finds out I have an SRT, he's up selling me on my service. Need to do an 80,000 mile service. I get my truck back 3 days later, at close of business day, walking out paying $1148! That includes 2 additional phone calls for service that I NEED to take care of, but don't worry, I didn't charge you to clean up. Worse yet, I drive off, and my truck is lagging worse then when i took it in. HORRIBLEMore
by 2002 FORD ESCORT ZX2 Owner on Jun 2017Verified Service
Disappointed that they let all their service representatives go & replaced them. Had my regular guy, Ray, who knew me & my car. New person was not personable, knew I was a wait; neglected to let me know car was ready & he went to lunch. Had to go to office to check on status of service. It had long been ready.More
by 2014 MAZDA CX-5 TOURING Owner on Mar 2017Verified Service
by 2009 LINCOLN MKS Owner on Mar 2017Verified Service
by 2014 FORD F150 Owner on Feb 2017Verified Service
by 2013 FORD FIESTA SE Owner on Jun 2016Verified Service
This car was not just checked for electrical issues. The transmission clutch was fixed for the third time since I owned it and the fourth time ever. I was very lucky to be able to trade it. It was taking up too much time to keep fixing it. It was covered under an extended warranty every time so that is the only good thing about it. I notice they are not adding the clutch issues to this report. That seems a little odd to me. I bought this car in Oct of 2015More
by 2010 FORD EXPLORER XLT Owner on Mar 2016Verified Service
Job done quickly and efficiently. There is a shuttle to take customers home while the service is being done, and they will pick you up afterwards. My service writer is very cordial. The cashier is very friendly and helpful.
by 2007 DODGE NITRO SLT Owner on Mar 2016Verified Service
by 2010 FORD EXPLORER XLT Owner on Feb 2016Verified Service
Took the vehicle in early in the morning to replace evaporator and was told that the part was on National Back Order and would be in three weeks.
by 2010 FORD EXPLORER XLT Owner on Feb 2016Verified Service
Over a month ago, I was told there was a part available, made an appointment, took my car early in the morning, and later on in the day I was told that there was no replacement part (evaporator) in stock. I was told that it was on National Back order and I have been waiting three weeks for it to come in I have another appointment on 3/3/16 and was told that the part had come in. Keeping my fingers crossedMore
by 2007 CADILLAC CTS Owner on Sep 2015Verified Service
by 2007 FORD FOCUS ZX4 S/SE/SES Owner on Aug 2015Verified Service
by 2007 CADILLAC CTS Owner on Aug 2015Verified Service
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