Volvo S60

Volvo S60

The Volvo S60 is known for safety and reliability. Whether you're looking for an inexpensive, dependable daily driver, or a sporty vehicle that is has room enough to carry your friends and family, there is an S60 for you. The first-generation models are more modest looking, while the second-generation models have a more aggressive look due to the front-end redesign. Increase your peace of mind during your car search by using CARFAX to locate your Volvo S60.

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Designed as a sports sedan, the 2001 S60 T5 featured a turbocharged five-cylinder engine that produced 247 hp through a five-speed standard transmission. While it was fairly quick, sprinting from zero to 60 in 6.5 seconds, it earned a reputation as a family car. The comfortable suspension was great for long highway trips, it got great gas mileage and could go long distances without needing refueling, and the engine was strong enough to cruise down the highway without feeling sluggish.

Volvo decided to make a more aggressive model when they released the 2004 S60R AWD. This car is an excellent choice for the driver who has an occasional lead foot, but also wants the feeling of a touring vehicle. This model came with various options and upgrades. Two of these models, the High Performance S60R and the T5, were equipped with a turbocharged 2.5-liter in-line five cylinder engine that generated 300 hp through an all-wheel drive transmission. Volvo also upgraded the five-speed transmission to a six-speed. Some optional upgrades included heated mirrors, 18.5 gallon fuel capacity, alloy wheels, and a single-disc music player. Thanks to the upgraded engine, the zero to 60 time improved to 5.5 seconds, and the fine-tuned suspension works seamlessly during daily driving. 

The current 2014 Volvo S60 improves upon its predecessors, but doesn't deviate too much from the original formula. The interior layout is extraordinary, buttons and controls are well-placed and easy to reach, and the metal-finish accents give this car a sleek look. Comfortable sport seats keep you cozy whether you are going for a short trip, on a daily drive or traveling a long distance.

Three 2014 models are offered: the T5, the T6 AWD, and the T6 AWD R-Design. The front-wheel drive T5 is best-suited for economical drivers, as it gets great gas mileage. If you live in an area with bad weather, the T6 AWD may come in handy, and the 300 hp engine provides the right amount of power. For the ultimate in performance, the T6 AWD R-Design has a six-cylinder, turbocharged engine that makes 325 hp and provides 354-lb-ft of torque.

The first-generation S60s are less expensive than the newer models, and are great cars for new drivers. A second-generation S60 can be a good choice for a family, young professional, or even as a gift for a college graduate.


The 2014 Volvo S60 was named a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institution for Highway Safety (IIHS) due to its outstanding results in crash testing. Conducting various tests, the IIHS measures how a vehicle's body and safety restraints withstand the impact of a crash. Good, acceptable, marginal, and poor are the four ratings for each test. The 2014 S60 scored a "good" rating in every category.

Drivers with children should focus their search on 2011 to 2014 models. During this time period the S60 received a "good" rating for every test conducted. However, from 2005 to 2009 it received an "acceptable" rating in side crash testing, but earned a "good" rating in every other test.

The 2001 to 2004 model years were not as extensively tested as later models, but received "good" ratings in every category. This could be a good place to start your vehicle search if you are on a budget, but like the features available on the Volvo S60.


Many companies have recognized the Volvo S60 for its exceptional value, dedication to safety, and luxurious interior.

  • The United States Automobile Association ranked the 2012 Volvo S60 as the best value midsize luxury sedan, and also noted that it had the lowest insurance costs of any car in its category.
  • Making headlines again, the 2012 S60 earned 5-star ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in every category tested. It was also named a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institution for Highway Safety.
  • As soon as the second-generation S60 hit the scene, it was named Vincentric's 2011 Best Value in America for its outstanding fuel economy, low insurance costs, and above-average maintenance and repair costs.