Shopping for a used car can be daunting but it’s also one of the best ways to get a great deal on a car. Choosing a pre-owned car avoids the depreciation suffered by new cars and gives you a large choice of makes and models for every need.

Make sure you get a great deal and avoid being scammed or buying a lemon by following our expert’s tips to buying your ideal used car.

What to Consider

Free CARFAX Reports

Find out how to get FREE CARFAX reports and checks.

Used Car Buying Checklist

Check that you’re getting the best deal and completing all the essential pre-purchasing checks.

One Owner Cars

Discover why one owner cars can be a good buy and what to look out for.

Certified Pre-Owned

Make sure you get the best deal on your certified used vehicle.

Vehicle Identification Numbers

Find out what a VIN is and how it can help you buy a safe and reliable used car.

VIN Decoding

See what each digit of a car's VIN means.

Advice on Car Buying

This article covers everything from what to look for, to what to avoid, & to how to get financing.

Extended Car Warranty

Is an extended car warranty right for you? Find out here.

Things to Avoid When Buying Used Cars

Salvage Titles

Find out what the dangers are with salvage titles and how to avoid becoming a victim of salvage title fraud.


Learn to spot the signs of curbstoning and protect yourself from buying a potentially dangerous car.

Flood Damage

Discover the indications of flood damage to avoid purchasing one of the thousands of flood damaged cars on the road.

Odometer Fraud

Recognize the warning signs of odometer rollback and save yourself thousands of dollars.

Frame Damage

Find out what the signs of frame or body damage are and steer clear of vehicles with hazardous structural faults.

Airbag Fraud

Protect yourself from dangerous cars with fake, inappropriate or non-existent airbags.

Stolen VIN Fraud

Avoid unwittingly buying a previously stolen car with a cloned VIN which could be confiscated by the police.

Car Shopping Tips

Electric Cars

Are you considering going electric? Advice on buying electric cars?


Hybrid cars are more popular then ever. What you should know before you buy.

Classic Cars

If you love classic cars, know the ins and outs of this specialty market.

Free Open Recall Check

Make sure that any outstanding open recalls are fixed.

Used Car Listings from CARFAX

Find your perfect car for sale from local reputable dealers. You can search by many specifications, including the car’s history.