Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris

When saving space and money is your primary concern, the Toyota Yaris should pop up on your radar as a true option. Both new and used models come with attractive price tags and feature packages to attract the budget-minded buyer. Don't think that the subcompact size means you will feel cramped in the interior, either.

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The original Echo that inspired the Yaris spent years being the popular subcompact in Asian and European markets, and the Yaris didn't become part of the American car market until 2007. The five-door layout provides quick access to your 15.6 cubic feet of cargo space and ensures each passenger has their own door. Other drivers will find the three-door super compact layout better for their daily commute in a crowded city.

The three trim packages available for the 2014 Toyota Yaris are the L, LE, and SE options. The SE is all about performance, while LE packages are for families with plenty of passengers. Folding seats and keyless entry make it easy to get everyone in and out in a hurry. Finally, the L trim level includes full airbag coverage and Bluetooth connectivity. Shop for models made prior to 2012 if you prefer the look and styling of the sedan.

Sporty interiors and upgraded sound systems are among the options available for both used and new Yaris cars. Cruise control, power windows, and wireless upgrades are also optional. The 1.5 liter engine powering this vehicle is great for jetting around town on errands or for your workday commute. A stiffer suspension makes the sports package a good option if you like responsive handling for stop and go situations. Picking up the kids is comfortable with the spacious back seat and room for five.


The most recent 2014 Toyota Yaris safety ratings have been higher than the rankings for the predecessors. This is attributed to the reinforcements that were added to the frame in the latest redesign. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rated the 2014 model as good in all categories but the small overlap front test, while the 2013 vehicle was a Top Safety Pick for the subcompact class. Both new and used models get high ratings because of the nine driver and passenger airbags that surround everyone in a protective bubble. Standard electronic stability control and anti-lock brakes also give the car good performance in stopping tests.


  • It is one of the lightest subcompact cars currently available, without compromising on frame stability and crush resistance. It has a curb weight that comes in just under 2,300 pounds, according to Toyota. This gives it better gas mileage than heavier hatchbacks.
  • The affordable retail price means that the used models are particularly budget-friendly for teen drivers or college students. Combine the price tag with the sporty look and the cargo space in the back and you have an incredibly functional first car that a young driver will be proud to own. It is especially ideal for drivers who like to haul around their friends due to the generous seating, even in the three-door models.
  • The SE trim model lives up to its name with both interior style upgrades and performance enhancements. The raised seats and steering assist feature make for an exciting driving experience out of such a small vehicle.