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The CARFAX Vehicle History Report for this 2007 SUBARU LEGACY 2.5I AWD is available.

30 records

What is a Record?

A record is an event (in the vehicle's past) reported to CARFAX by one of our thousands of sources. CARFAX Reports contain a collection of records that may answer crucial questions about the history of the used car you plan to buy, such as:

  • Was the car in a reported accident?
  • Has the mileage been tampered with?
  • How many owners drove this car?
  • Has this car been inspected recently?
  • Was this car labeled a lemon? much more!
Information that you need to know before you buy!
 found in our database

Recall Results:
Open Recall Found
  • Manufacturer recall/service bulletin issued
    Recall # WQG43
  • Click here or call 1-800-Subaru3 to locate an authorized Subaru dealership near you to obtain more information about this recall.
This search is based on open recall records provided to CARFAX from Subaru of America.
IMPORTANT! The 30 records on this 2007 SUBARU LEGACY 2.5I AWD may confirm a clean title history or uncover potential problems. Find out by ordering the CARFAX Vehicle History Report.

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