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Reduce Expenses for Your Agency

Let CARFAX post secure, online copies of accident reports for citizens & insurance companies

You Are in Control

  • Secure, public access to official documents
  • Accident reports available online 24/7
  • Enhanced service for your community
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  • EASY CARFAX posts your accident reports online

  • FAST Citizens and insurance agencies can get reports 24⁄7

  • SAFE Accident reports stay secure—you control access

Uncover Valuable Information

Your agency gets unlimited CARFAX Reports to assist investigations - at no cost

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"Many times I could not accomplish my mission without this tool."
Sheri Spence - Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Arizona Law Enforcement

Did You Know?

1 in 5 fatal accidents with
non-deployed airbags are due
to faulty or missing airbags

CARFAX Can Reveal:
  • Dangerous pre-existing damage
  • Suspicious odometer activity
  • Unusual incident patterns
  • Dates & locations of recent events
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Safe Vehicles Mean Safer Streets

Communities rely on CARFAX to help make better decisions about used cars

For the Record...

"You can help save [people] from making a costly, & sometimes deadly mistake."

-Wayne Finney, VP of Operations— Wolfe Automotive Group

Everyone Needs to Know

Accidents can affect vehicle safety, even after being repaired. That's why Police and CARFAX help protect citizens by alerting them to:

  • Faulty airbags
  • Potential previous damage
  • Title and odometer fraud
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CARFAX Police Crash Assistance lets you boost your agency's budget and free up staff. You'll put more feet on the streets & spend less time fulfilling requests for accident reports.

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