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04/13/2007 149664 Shopper 1 I was dumb and bought the car....had given me nothing but problems since I bought it...I didn't know what I was looking for when I bought it either. To list what I have repaired or replaced since 11-2006: Power Steering Fluid, 4 tires, new clutch, 2 new mirrors, alternator, battery, oil pump, oil pan gasket,thermostat, front brakes and rotors, rear brakes, changed rear differential fluid and gasket, and windshield wiper problems. In the process of repairing these items: front struts, rear shocks, trunk lifts, and oil sending unit. I am disgusted! Dealer never once mentioned anything wrong with the car. I still have to replace sway bar bushings as well as a tensioner pulley!

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This car is in great shape. I'm the original owner, but need to buy something a little less sporty. It's a super fun car to drive and loves to get up and go! The car has been well maintained and taken care of as it should be. All the factory recommended service has been done and inspections are up to date. Spokane, WA

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