Lincoln Town Car

Lincoln Town Car

The Lincoln Town Car appealed to upscale consumers who were enthralled at owning one of Ford's most luxurious full-sized cars. The high-end interior and exterior design embodied the high society image associated with the Town Car. Visuals are only part of the package. A Lincoln also presents reliable performance on the road. The features, comfort, and power are reasons why Lincoln Town Cars are favorite among corporations looking to lease and purchase cars for their executives.

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Model Overview

The base price for a new Lincoln Town Car is $47,225 which firmly puts the car in the luxury vehicle market. Two different trims are available to consumers interested in the 2011 model: the Town Car Signature Limited and the Town Car Signature L. Truthfully, both are identical in terms of engine and performance. Differences are found in the size and wheelbase of the trims. Interior wise, the spaciousness of both trims can fit six passengers. 

Lifting the hood of the Town Car reveals a powerful engine more than capable of contributing to solid performance. The 4.6L V8 engine can generate 239 hp @ 4900 RPM. The Town Car is not a race car but it can certainly pick up effective levels of speed when required. The 287 lb-ft of torque at 4,100 RPM is further evidence of how the car can perform. The transmission is a 4-speed automatic overdrive. The motor powers a rear-wheel drive system that can propel the car in an incredibly comfortable manner. In terms of body frames, the traditional design actually helps to move the car and helps with handling. 

While the car is no longer manufactured, it leaves behind a tremendous legacy and is a classic luxury model for the high-end consumer. There are quite a number of these cars on the previously owned market, which means they are still accessible to the consumer looking for a luxury car.

Lincoln Town Car Safety Rating

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the 2011 Lincoln Town Car a "Good" (G) rating for crash test in moderate/front overlap. Additional safety features include anti-lock four wheel ventilated brakes for quick, safe stops. Airbags and traction control further round out the package of safety features.

Noteworthy About the Lincoln Town Car

The Lincoln Town Car won numerous awards over its history. In 1990, the model won the prestigious Motor Trend Car of the Year Award.