Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent

The Hyundai Accent is a five-passenger subcompact car that has earned many awards and gained a high level of popularity since its inception in 1994. While they are not always available, you can often find Accent models on

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The Hyundai Accent is available as a four-door or a five-door model. Both have room for five occupants to comfortably enjoy the ride making it a great vehicle for families in need an everyday car as well as a vehicle for longer trips. Because of its high style and low starting price, it's also a popular choice for a first car. 

Hyundai took design very seriously for the Accent, which is pretty rare for the subcompact car class. It is available as a regular sedan or as a hatchback. With the hatchback, the five-door versatility helps you easily load and unload cargo in the back of the vehicle. The unusual aerodynamic design helps provide a smoother ride, while it also has the bonus of making the car look more sporty and fun.

The driver and passengers of the Hyundai Accent have plenty of space to enjoy- 111.3 cubic feet, to be exact. Have no fear that all the room is dedicated to leg and head space, though. There is cargo space that can be used for luggage on a vacation or simply to transport your kids' sporting equipment each week. There are several special interior features that come standard on the Accent and really help its occupants enjoy the ride. The newly introduced sliding sunroof option does a great job of making the interior feel roomy and spacious.

Enjoy fabulous entertainment options with the Hyundai Accent. It has a 172-watt audio system with an impressive six speaker setup. There are auxiliary input jacks for USB and mp3 players that come standard in all models. SiriusXM Satellite Radio is also available. In a move that can help cut down on distracted driving, Hyundai has included controls that are mounted to the steering wheel allowing you to change the volume of the music, turn on cruise control, and change the radio station without having to ever take your hands off the wheel. 


The Hyundai Accent is a stylish, well-crafted, and powerful car, especially for its low price point. The Center for Auto Safety hailed the Accent as one of the country's Best Bets. Driver and passenger advanced airbags come standard as part of the safety features in every model. An extensive vehicle management system includes electronic stability control and traction control to help drivers stay in control at all times. This vehicle also boasts an anti-lock brake system.

The most current Hyundai Accent received very good safety ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The administration bestowed four stars out of five possible stars on the vehicle for its overall rating as well as for its side crash protection and rollover protection.


  • Vincentric named the Accent the "Best Value in America" for the subcompact category in 2012.
  • The Hyundai Accent mpg measurements shows the fuel economy of this vehicle as excellent, earning 27 mpg for city driving and 38 mpg on the highway.
  • As reported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Accent emits fewer greenhouse gas emissions than most cars. Fuel efficiency can save you a ton of money in the long run!