GMC Acadia

GMC Acadia

Named for the beautiful national park in Maine, the GMC Acadia is a sports-utility vehicle that can tackle rugged and unpredictable terrain thanks to the front or all-wheel drive and a 288-horsepower and 3.6-liter V6 engine. With the high performance and functionality of the Acadia, you also get a distinct look--a tall profile with a distinctive grille--which makes this SUV stand out from the crowd. There is also enough room to comfortably seat up to eight adults. The GMC Acadia is a popular choice for drivers who want big power in a big space, but are not willing to compromise on efficiency, handling, or amenities. You might be a good candidate for an Acadia if safety is a priority—in 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the Acadia its highest available safety rating, five stars for "Overall Safety."

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The first standard model of the Acadia was introduced to the public in 2007 as GMC’s first crossover-style SUV. Designed to attract the fastest-growing segment of the auto-buying population, the GMC was engineered for a smooth driving experience with an “athletic” design. The SUV’s long wheelbase and extended tracks keep this first generation low to the ground and thus firmly situated on pavement, while its 3.6-liter V6 engine provided good fuel economy even in a bigger vehicle. 

In 2011, GMC rolled out a version of the Acadia called the Denali, a beefier version of the crossover that appealed to drivers who want a truck-like vehicle with the handling of an SUV. With an upright “nose” and more parallel design lines, the Denali stands out from the crowd for size and boldness. Inside, even with all three rows up and passengers seated, there is still 24 cubic square feet of cargo storage. Also, unlike many third rows, the Denali can comfortably seat two adults. 

Today’s 2014 Acadia comes with many technological and amenity updates so that your comfort and convenience are not second to the big power and performance of the vehicle. An intuitive touchscreen display holds sway as the command center for all your entertainment and information needs, from navigation to music. The rear vision camera system makes maneuvering backwards or into tricky parking spaces easier and GMC’s Intellilink system adds voice controls, hands-free navigation, and smartphone connection to your bevy of digital aids. 

Overall, the GMC Acadia makes a good family car for today’s busy and active families who need to take kids, equipment, and pets on either long hauls or quick daily jaunts. With its high ratings for safety and nearly unmatched space on the interior, drivers can feel good about the comfort an Acadia offers.


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the Acadia top marks in every available category, from moderate overlap front test to roof strength test results. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the 2014 Acadia five out of five stars for "Overall Safety." These ratings are due to protection systems such as front center airbags, OnStar emergency assistance, blind zone alert, cross-traffic technology, and driver alert warnings for vehicles changing lanes nearby or behind you.