Ford Flex

Ford Flex

The traditional SUV that used to dominate American roads has undergone a dramatic transformation over the past ten years. Entering the 21st century, American SUVs were gas-guzzling beasts that rode slightly better than a truck and had decent interior features. The Ford Flex is one of a number of new crossover SUVs that offer style, handling, space, and interior comfort that its predecessors lacked.

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The first Ford Flex was introduced in mid-2007 as a 2009 model. Auto critics weren’t sure what to make of the Flex at first. Was it a station wagon crossover or an SUV crossover? Perhaps it was something else entirely. What was clear was that the new Flex turned heads.

Its design was decidedly boxy at a time when auto manufacturers were giving model lineups a modern makeover to appeal to consumer demand for sleeker vehicles. Despite its still somewhat boxy appearance, the Flex offers some unique visual cues that set it apart from other vehicles. All models feature wraparound tinted glass windows in the rear and an optional contrasting color roof.

The Flex remained unchanged until the 2013 model year. New for 2013 are an updated front end and grille and a more powerful base engine.


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has named each model year of Ford Flex from 2009-2013 a Top Safety Pick. It has a Good rating for moderate front overlap, side, head restraint, and roof strength.


  • Despite early questions about its place in the Ford lineup, the Flex has carved out a spot as a fuel-efficient, seven passenger vehicle that is more appropriately considered a cross between a van and an SUV.
  • Ford Flex was named top pick in the Mid-Size Crossover segment by Ford Dealers Minneapolis.